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Please, enjoy this free version of Down the Neko Hole!

I've picked up 3 small portions of the full game to show a variety of things you can do in this game:

🐮Shina Route🐮

You start right at the beginning of Act II, Shina NSFW scene ready to play, then move to get a preview of the new Caldera Goddess Shrine!

🐸Kaere Route🐸

Inside Spring Goddess Shrine, go get what you need in order to buy your ticket inside the Hole! The Tidal Kirin is waiting for you at the end of this dungeon!

🦇Anzu Route🦇

The Lady of the Blood Manor has been rendered harmless by one of her maids. Go deal with the traitorous Headmaid Kanako!

If you feel like supporting us and getting your hands on the latest builds make sure to visit our Patreon Page and Website❤️

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai, LGBT, Romance, Story Rich


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Down the Neko Hole DEMO-Win.rar 418 MB
Down the Neko Hole DEMO-Mac.zip 506 MB
Down the Neko Hole DEMO-Linux.zip 414 MB


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I just got to dwarves territory and there's one who'll let me through if I show him what he wants, and after I do as the game tells me,then I semi-freezes, like sound still works, characters are still moving but I can't move, attack or save/load the game. What should I do then?

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Is the game still being worked on?

Okay, so the Mac version doesn't work. I made a research and I guess dev made mac version on Widnows and that causes the problem. It is needed to build game for mac using mac


man i wish i could support this game i love it so much but i dont trust or use patreon that company can suck a dick they are way too shady and treat people like ass


Omg you added a slime scene ❤🤗 Love it! I'm a sucker for slime lol 😏 sorry...


When android?


android when? :((


Glad to finally have a version of the game without slowdown that i could test out! ...Is what i would say if it didn't still have so much slowdown. I managed to make it playable by closing every single application i had and dragging the render distance way down but even then there was the occasional, small, stutter. It didn't even max out my cpu or anything, it just didn't want to play smooth.

Which is a shame! Once i jumped through all of those hoops i actually had a fun time! Well, the boss fight against the kirin was a bit weak, but at least it didn't murder the shit out of me like the pit right after that boss did... I really need to stop being cocky whenever i succeed at something with all these death pits around. Anyway, dialogues were fun, sex scenes sexy, and the art in the gallery (different for each route, very nice touch for the observant!) was gorgeous and sexy!

All in all, i will be keeping an eye on this project, but for now it is simply not something i want to pay a monthly fee for. And even if it was a one and done deal, i still would not be sure. That said, if you manage to optimize this game, personally send me an email cause that really is the only barrier between me paying for this game at the moment. I will be keeping an eye on this project for sure!

...Oh yeah, and uh i fell into a bridge pit in the lava place, and i couldn't get out afterwards. The ladder just refused to put me on dry land after i used it, so i just dropped right back down again until i died. Other ladders i used seemed to work fine but this one had tasted blood i guess.

I'll check that out!

The downloadable version runs MUCH better.


This game looks super cool! I loved Princess & Conquest, and really want to buy and support this game. Will there be a pregnancy system, similar to Princess & Conquest? That was one of my favorite parts about that game. :')


can you have a chat with your father figure about why your into pregancy and generally weird shit


it really isn't that weird. I think building a family in videogames is just a cute and wholesome mechanic, something I don't have the money to do rn irl. But given by your comment history, you kink-shame quite a bit, and so perhaps you should try to be a more empathetic person :/


have a re read of your comment and response and wonder why your dad left :/


Thank you for your concern, but my dad is actually super proud of me and my accomplishments. I’m not sure why you’re so angry—I’m going to assume you’re a troll—but as to not clutter the dev’s email any further (assuming they get notifications from this thread), I think it’s best we end this conversation here.

For anyone else who likes family and combat in video games (since I got some likes), here are some (SFW) recommendations: Agarest Generations of War, Rune Factory, and the Conception series :)


wait im angry?


Pregnancy is pretty wholesome.

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It's weird to be into human reproduction....?

You're the odd one here. Are you going to be ok?


this post is old what are you contriubuting to


Keep up the good work! Love the game and as nice quote from a lovely certain game. 

"Stay determined".