GO PLAY 1.1!

🍻Time to get Princesses WASTED!🍻

Party night in Faun's Tavern with Kobold, Human, Goblin and (well, yea) Faun Princess! This was made possible by our Patrons! Feel free to join our Patreon page to play in advance and get unique perks in our (many) projects!

Controls (Mouse/Touch):

CLICK on the drinks by the counter to have the hostess grab them!

CLICK on a Princess to get her what she has asked for!

If you have both hands full, CLICK on any drink on the counter to unload what Faun Princess is carrying and get that one instead!

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TagsAdult, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai, NSFW, Romance, Short


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i finished, goblin P on table flashing her ample breasts, Human P clinging on me carresing mine own tits, and kobold P laying on the table showing of the booty...Yet its game over?

Same. That is confusing. xD Was hard enough with constantly spawning the wrong drinks.

Failed to load: img/pictures/Counter.png


This game seem to be 90% RNG, the princesses will ask for drinks that haven't spawned in and when they do, they want another drink. Its also too difficult to set down the drinks since you pick up the next drink that spawns 

If you are holding a drink already it'll spawn a new one faster, which gives you more options, and minimizes rng.


Gotta say, Kobold lass is by far my fav


How or where do I enter the code?


Code is 063458 for the lazy people
it's a cheat code for Princess & Conquest, another game Towerfag develops. They make these mini-games as the only other way to get cheat codes for P & C is by paying for Patreon, so be grateful they make these.



Remember you can hold 2 drinks and if you click a third one you clear your hands :D

Also for those lazy code is :063458  


I found it too, but what is it for ?


I think that's the amount of seconds you have before it goes to the title screen.

Only issue I am having is its giving me the invalid code buzzer, im on the vurrent release of the game, hmm


I found this too stressful and poorly designed.

Why are three random drinks available at any given time? Why do the Princesses request drinks that aren't even available on the counter and I have to pray they spawn fast enough? There seems to be too many variables for too little a space, I got too frustrated and quit because it didn't even seem to be a proper management challenge, just RNG.


hey ! what's the code for please ? ^^


That was quick but fun!!
Fun mini-games all around!!


Well, that was fun and cute.