Here's a new build already! Hope you're happy with the pace!


  • Reworked the pre-recruiting Desert Princess' events
  • "Dance till they drop" quests added (level 2 and level 8)
  • Reworked animation gallery! Faster and better!
  • Amelie NSFW animation 
  • Amelie BattleFuck mechanics 
  • Swimsuit costume for Harvest Princess 
  • Maid costume for Harvest Princess
  • Battlesuit costume for Harvest Princess
  • Cathian costumes for cat Progeny
  • Updated portraits for Mermaid Slave, LeChef (human boss) and more
  • New sprite for the Rattesein Clerk


  • Desert Princess' festival events looping every time you meet her
  • Other Moon Festival minor issues
  • Debug dialogue appearing when prompted to a "forced" sex scene with an NPC
  • Mouse Tinkerer not checking correctly the number of Cogs in your inventory
  • Eggs hatching not interrupting fights
  • Medal/Achievement disable after using Cheats wearing off after going to NG+
  • Possible crashes when accepting the goblins' "The People Persons" quest
  • Rattesein's swirlieswithdrawal not correctly checking the total amount you have stored
  • Harvest -> Desert sieges not working correctly
  • Achievement system not checking your inventory correctly for the Panties-thief medal 
  • Sneaking into Cat Princess' room possibly triggering Dog Princess' defeat event
  • Delivering the Clockwork Heart to Golem Princess decreasing the Diplomacy score between all reigns, instead of Golem alone

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