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Princess & Conquest 

Princess & Conquest is a hybrid RPG game where you, the Knight, will have to decide the fortunes of a Kingdom, plunged into chaos after a certain "incident"!

The sudden disappearance of a powerful dragon is the spring for a series of events that will plunge the whole Kingdom into chaos!



The Kingdom is split in many regions you can travel, with more than 350 different maps and everything a RPG needs: cities, hidden dungeons, secret events laying around, and a lot(!) of NPCs!

There's currently 13 main Reigns, but the final version of the game will have 20 of them fighting for supremacy!

Every reign has a Princess at its head and all of them can be recruited in the Knight's team! That's not the only way to get more companions though (you can breed the Princesses, find eggs around for some races, buy new companions from the goblins, conjure skeletons, resurrect undeads into living races, transform everyone into a rabbit...)

Main Princesses

Secondary Princesses

Of course the Player can help maintain peace, outright favor one of the 20 main Princesses (directly or not), or just watch the world burn from afar. 


The combat is action-packed, there are unique skills for every party member, there are sieges, boss-battles, traps and everything you need to add the right amount of challenge.


All the main Princesses can either have their Classic look or a Custom one!

There's thousands of possible different looks for each one of them, and the game will adjust the animations and dialogues accordingly!

You can also distribute points to your party members as you level them up, influencing the fighting and adult mechanics regarding them!

Love, Lust, Power and Wealth are the main stats for the girls!

You want a Princess to be a lewd one? Boost her Lust score as she grows.
You want to protect her smile? Stay away from Lust points and shove them into Power if you want to make her stronger in battle! If you want her to have eyes only for you, invest her points into Love.
Wealth points, instead, will give you more Swirlies from the events related to that companion!


With a bunch of quests that you can get at the Guild you will always be busy doing something!

There are lewd ones, asking you to gather specific cum samples or to breed with someone, crazy ones, like betting on cow races, or more gameplay oriented ones, like the Tea Parties, where the Princesses negotiate amongst themselves or declare war against each other after a quarrel!


There's a lot of Visual Novel sections in the game, in which we are investing our energies as much as with the RP/strategical ones! 

The player can interact with princesses and NPCs, gaining Affinity Points with them, that will eventually permit you to access the fluff 'n lewds.

We go for quantity AND quality, the artworks are made by professionals and the writer is really talented, I hope you all enjoy what they're creating.


Both SFW and NSFW animations are always in the making! 
Every NPC race has its own set of animations, that will adapt to the NPC you're "lewding"!
Meet monstergirls (or humans), see places, you will always find someone that wants to have fun with you!

70+ NSFW animations
 are included in v0.16!


What we're aiming for is a complex, adventurous and adult experience. We're not scared about experimenting and exploring uncharted territories when it comes to adult games.

In Princess & Conquest you will always find something new, most events are daily drafted by the game engine and there's no end to the different looks for the characters you may find during your playthroughs. We're now over 100k different looks, in almost 20 races, without considering there's a bunch of dresses each race of NPC can wear.

You can find more about the game in the Wiki ! There's a lot to discover, make sure to give it a look if you want to enjoy Princess & Conquest fully!


Towerfag's Team, as of now, is composed of:

Towerfag, that's me, I'm the project manager and programmer of the game!

TAGM, the music-guy, currently working on the OST of the game!

KARMA, our writer, currently busy writing events and questlines for the massive cast of the game!

TSU, our new portrait artist! Working on new portraits, new forms and new costumes for all the girls of Princess & Conquest!

Kaijira and 勇気, our spriters, making new cute sprites for characters and Patron-NPCs, while making new BIG ones for the bosses!

Akai and REDmiso, our animators, working on the animated cut-ins, both SFW and NSFW!

FlynnFlannworking on the interface!

If you want to see some of the newest stuff that has been added, check out the new Slave Auctions and Necromancy videos!

Keep in mind that every NPC you get this way will become part of your team!

The game is updated frequently, with a bunch of new stuff added each time! Make sure you add https://princessconquest.com to your bookmarks!

To anyone supporting us in here, join the Discord server following the instructions in "PnCdiscord.txt" and message me there to be able to write and read private channels!

Required: RPG Maker VX Ace RTP files


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Patch v0.16.9.rar 84 kB
PnCdiscord.txt 26 bytes

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I've had times when time stops progressing after equipping digital hourglass, sometimes it happens even when I don't.  

Also having trouble recruiting Amelie after doing her quest if anyone has some advice for me.

Possible to buy downloadable OST music ?

I keep getting stuck after using the boat in the shark place. How do i avoid that.

I see the problem, will get patched tomorrow!

Glitch with the Hammerhead docks. Entering the lighthouse and then exiting will take me to the port town up north in Dragon Princess II's reign. Just thought I'd bring it to your attention. The additions are really nice btw.

Usually don't wanna ask but I am completely stumped about Wyvern P's quest I received the Pantheon key for DQ's castle and finally got in however I don't know what to do now. I looked in the pantheon and none of the nuns give any clues went back to the church and accessed a diff area i didn't before but I couldn't find anything special to progress anyone else passed this point??? 

Question, will transferring save data from a previous version of the game to the most recent version cause any kind of bugs or problems? 

I'd say there shouldn't be any major issue with anything, provided is 0.16+.

If you have issues with old savefiles just send it to me, I'll see what can be done!

Oh nice. Thank you for clearing that up. Just wanted to know because I know 16.9 will be coming out soon with the massive additions and I didn't know if the old save data could process it. I honestly cant wait!

the game seems to crash whenever I try to collect/pick up princess panties, sorry if this has already being fixed :)

Its probably in conjunction with something else. I have had several bugs which only occur under unknown conditions in conjunction with other states.

That won't happen in 0.16.9 and should fix itself if you load your save at least once before going for panties!

Image result for happosai panties

thank you my lord and savoir, now to start a collection... for research purposes of course ;)

So whenever I enter an adult scene with human princess my entire game crashes. Full to black with error message then crash. Don't know if that's just me or not. 

Bug I cannot complete the quest tomorrow’ Eggciting youth for it completes the report to the guild instead of bring dear an egg close to hatching

Yes, I'm aware! Don't worry, it's already fixed for the next build.

Thanks good luck with the game

I don’t know if this is a bug or glitch or neither but whenever breeding dragons it generally produces yellow eggs for me which is irritating this happens when breeding dragons who are not yellow as well

I think I glitched out somewhere. I got at least 6 affinity with the Dragon Queen, but the guards won't let me in. Do I have to have full affinity or something?

Bug or glitch if you run into the water at the lamia sanctuary while res pawning after running into the water you can walk in it

A suggestion for next patch please make it so either you give us a cheat code to move the box’s like the merchant princess or make it so they travel to the tavern more often

What do you do to get amelie in your party cause I did the quest but She didn’t join

So does anyone know where the four ghosts are hiding in the ‘invincible under the moon’ quest cause I found three but I can’t find the last one

My only question is which routes are completed and which routes either haven't been started or are still in development?  Either way thank you for this amazing game and any help I can get with my question.

I'm a bit worried about the development of building wider, not taller. The existing princesses are great, but a lot of them don't have much content, and I don't think adding more princesses will help that. If possible, could you clarify your development goals/vision? As a public post would be best if you want to eliminate this worry in a public sense. (I've already bought  the game and have followed development for many years now) 


20 main Princesses ruling their Reigns around the Kingdom, at least 2-3 times that number of secondary Princesses, usually without a Reign, without their own route, but adding spice to the Kingdom.

I plan to make it wide and tall, there's no reason not to. Desert was one of the Princesses with the less content, she's getting a lot of it right now, while Scarecrow (which took me only 2 days in order to have her becoming recruitable), won't get any for a while.

I totally see your point but I'm 100% serious about reaching that "wide and tall" goal.

After completing the event waking Moth P from her dream/nightmare the game seems to crash.

16.8 The fairy to the island in the south is bugged if you have to emergency exit due to getting stuck somewhere from a golem, or event. Golem Princess event is bugged after I killed the spider, talking to golem princess didn't further the event, and now the webs permanently block golem princess, though it gave me the same text that the way was blocked after killing spider, but the way was temporarily cleared. In my current playthough those are two events that are broken. Also the princess diaries cause a very high chance of crashing if you view them. Even if the game doesn't crash there is usually a lot of slowdown, which will go away if you go to menu screen and back again. Lastly, Havest princess loses the bell once you give it to him, talking at a campfire does nothing. Human princess will only have sex at camp once recruited if you drug her, don't know if this is intended, since I triggered her fight and she had no equipment on, and the fight was basically unwinnable with her, so I was forced to rescue her. It is still weird though that that event would totally lock out non drug related tent activity. It would be nice if the PC could access the "private" room of the inn all the time, and use it with princesses that are staying at the inn, but that is more a request than a bug.

Just wanted to pop in to say thank you for all of your hard work. This is a great game and i cannot wait to see the final result.

seems like a good start although i must admit that the controls left much to be desired. Idk how much work is involved in it but perhaps allowing the user to customize key binding would help

I have run into a few bugs on 0.16.7 that have persisted into 0.16.8

big text below

 - after recruiting desert p, i cannot drop her off at the tavern because the game says you cannot drop off temporary party members. if i try to camp she is removed from the party entirely. during the quest where you go to help sphinx p i duplicated desert p to have her come with me so the trigger for this message probably never turned off after that quest. ( i also purchased the egg during this quest. after the quest was over time would not progress to night. im not sure if it is related to the egg, but after i gave it to dear time seemed to move as it should again. if it is possibly important, i named the egg with the same name as a previously hatched egg.

 - using a dragon heir hatched from the random dragon encounters to fly into a new zone ( over the mountains, into the area east of the tavern ) you spawn on the other side looking like knight, but you can still fly and doing so will swap the sprite back to the dragon. swapping characters doesnt work. some zone points no longer work ( south entrance to the mountain ) but once inside a combat area you can swap characters correctly again. i have not tested this with any dragon princesses or wyvern.

a slight nitpick: dialogue is written in a way that has a lot of pauses. this choice as probably on purpose and it has had me reading most of the text where normally i would be skipping to get to the next objective, but when trying to skip through text you have seen before because of a crash or accidentally making a decision incorrectly ( or buying frog water, or wanting to spend the night with a character when they always say the same lines of text before the option ) it would be nice if there were an option for instant text. 

not sure if it would be possible in rpgmaker, but making the default option selected be "none" requiring a directional input before selection in dialogue would be great.

game has me hooked so far, can wait to see how it matures.

About "after recruiting desert p": you're probably talking about when she joins you to free Sphinx Princess. She's there with you only as a temporary party member, that's why you cannot drop her out.

I'll try to trigger the flight bug you reported, thank you!

by recruiting i mean she had a child and we eloped much later after the quest was completed.

A Question about Komachi: I think I have every Prison-Outfit but now she startet giving me duplicates. Are we not able to end the quest in the current version?

(1 edit)

something weird with the affinity menu. Mouse Princess just blinks in and out of view. Just something to note.

I see, it seems to be happening only with the custom Mouse Princess. Thank you, I'll have it fixed.

Some animation boxes for some of the princesses are coming up completely blank. Is this a glitch or are they just placeholders for new animations to come?

placeholders for animations about to be replaced! This being one of them

(1 edit)

Found a glitch after visiting goblin princess and opening her affinity menu it stayed open even after leaving town.

and after sleeping the chart vanished but the crown still remains.

I don't know if that happens with other princesses couldn't test that yet but thought I report it as is for now.

Hey, been playing for a few days but I have 2 problems:
1. No matter what I do the CG for Kobold Princess doesn't trigger
2. Other CG's are zoomed in to the point where you can't see anything (Fairy Princess, Cat Princess)


Those ones are currently getting replaced!

still waiting for more Harvest princess animated update :D

I am disappointed that if you complete the bell quest harvest princess will not have it. Maybe that isn't implemented yet, but it was my understanding you used to be able to gender swap harvest princess with the bell.

nono i did not use it i just want to bang a trap cute princess once and i want like 7 animated of harvest princess so badly now cuz i d k it not gay if he/she cute :D

When will cheats be available the game is to hard without them

No it really isn't. Game is pretty easy if you block, and level up the knight a few times. You can easily over level and be able to destroy everything in combat, but I am not really sure this game is about combat being a real core part of the game. Get the family jewels as early as possible, sold by merchant in the tavern. It will easily be your best source of candies. If you want to make a progeny just temporarily remove them, and chug some goblin juice.

Was seeing how the brothel worked, and triggered a bug. The game "lets" you put progeny into the brothel, but it doesn't work. If you pick a "slave" status (actual slave, or necromancy created progeny) they will take up a slot, do nothing, and can be purchased back to free up the slot again, but if you use a regular progeny the slot will be permanently occupied, and it is not possible to buy back the progeny, because the slot will be listed as being empty. Apparently the brothel can only work with a princess. I really wish I had saved before figuring that out the hard way. My dreams of becoming little finger in this run seem to be ruined.

I know, the Brothel will be reworked from scratch soon, I'll not touch it until then. Then you'll become Little Finger, like you dreamed of.

I hope i didn't broke the game or i did something wrong with qhala. I gave her more than 10k and can't find the brothel anywhere. I always find her outside from the cave connecting to mouse reign ( south of dessert kingdom ). Any help would be appreciated.

It seems that the event with the Doge Princess does not work after fast travel through the Moths Forest. 
I have tried many times to load save file before entering the forest and use fast travel to initiate the event, but her scene with the Moth Princess only happens if you walk through the forest on you own.


Game crashes when peeping on progeny at Rabbit's

If it has any influence, here are progeny races: Wyvern female + Mouse male

Also, Knight's Family Jewels get triggered on that event

(2 edits)

I have a strange thing with the clothes on the characters who are not princesses.
It seems that the costumes have somehow stuck on them. And there also something like a bug with duplicating costumes in addition to that.
I'll show you an example on the dragon and kobold I have.

I removed all costumes from the costume slot on them. But......the game shows them as if they were still wearing costumes. And these costumes do not change if put the other costumes.

However, if go to Dear, when I deposit these two to her, I can see (at "equip" section) that costume slot is displayed as if they are wearing something (specifically - "bunny hoodie" and "lizard captive").

And at this point, another interesting thing happens!
At the moment I have 3 "lizard captive" and 5 "bunny hoodie".
From now on, if I deposit them to Dear and then take them back to the squad - they will be wearing those costumes again!
These costumes can be removed, and then I will have 4 "lizard captive" and 6"bunny hoodie"!
And this can be repeated endlessly. But the appearance of these two still will not change ever.

Having trouble figuring out how the Red Thread Rings work. I combined one of them, snuck them into the Princess' room, but each time I try to use them, I get the message from the knight ,  "I'm curious to see what happens, but... maybe another time." Is there a step i'm missing?

(1 edit)

i just purchased the game and when i try to run it, it fails and states (script 'patch sys' line 195: errno:: EACCES ocurred.

permission denied  -./ Patches)

What do i need to do to fix it? 

In v0.16.7 movement speed gets cut to half or 1/3 at random. It often happens in Church of Conquest, but I have seen in different places, too. Seems to be triggered after talking to NPC, but not with 100% chance. The only way to fix it is to exit location to outside map.

Yea, it happened when you wore the Monastery Tunic or Green Deceit and pressed Ctrl to raise the shield outside combat. It will be fixed in the next build, ty for the report!

(2 edits)

I started New Game with v0.16.7.
It is already the 20th day, but none of the reigns declares wars on their own. I didn't take Pacifista trait, never talked to Helias this time and did "a spot of tea" quest only once. 
Is that okay?..

The last time I started game, by the 3rd - 5th day there were about 3 or 4 declarations of war.
Not that I'm against peaceful living, but after the past game experience it seems kinda strange...

I had a new game where nobody declared war, but I went and made harvest princess declare war (on a recruit all the princess if possible run), and as soon as I did everyone declared war on everyone. Be careful what you wish for. It seems like if anyone declares war, it drastically boosts the chances that others will declare war, and as soon as I resolved all the wars, it has been peaceful ever since. Skeleton princess, and the cat princess are warmongers, FYI, mouse princess cannot be declared against, and harvest princess and bunny princess are pacifist, and will very likely not get declared against unless you force it, or one of the warmongers starts to conquer the world. Slime Princess and Moth Princess WILL fall if you leave things to fate, and in the south if war starts to be declared, everyone will declare war on the goblins, for whatever reason, if you get a bad roll, and want to do something with the goblins but are too low level and lack points with the south, the goblins and moths can get wiped out before you have a chance to do anything. Easiest princess to get to rule the world is probably skeleton, or human. If you keep all the realms peaceful, they will all get super rich.

The ship that sails from the slime kingdom to cat kingdom needs some adjustment because it's pretty easy to get stuck on other NPC when you first bord the ship or decide to move up to the deck from the sleepingquaters. Here an image as example.

That Slime traveler is stuck under me wich stops me from moving can only turn around.

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