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Princess & Conquest has RPGVisual Novel and Strategy elements coming together so that you, the Knight, can use all the available mechanics to decide the fortunes of a Kingdom, plunged into chaos after a certain "incident"!

The Kingdom is the huge world you will be adventuring in, with more than 400 different maps and everything a RPG needs: cities, hidden dungeons, secret events laying around, and a lot(!) of NPCs! 

The final version of the game will have 20 Reigns (currently working on the 17th) fighting for supremacy, each one of them led by a Princess of a different race or with some unique features!

There are currently more than 100000 possible looks for our characters, across 25 different races!

Visit their Reigns! Romance the Princesses!

There's pregnancy in Princess & Conquest, but that's not the only way to get more companions! 

You can also:

  • find eggs laying around
  • buy new companions from the goblins auctions
  • conjure skeletons
  • resurrect undead into other living races
  • transform everyone into rabbits

and many more!

While every Reign is granted to get theirs, many characters that you'll meet around the Kingdom are missing their own lineage of NPCs (called Progeny) and can't be bred yet, but we'll keep adding more as development continues!

Like every RPG there's stats, incredible items, monsters, quests, sieges, traps, dungeons, and treasures!

The battles are action-packed, with unique skills for every party member that makes them play very differently from each other! Block using your shield with the Knight, Jump around with Kobold Princess, strike Fear in the heart of your enemies with Ghost Princess, and so on!

Stats distribution is also possible through special menus that you can use to allocate the points you get by leveling up!


Also known as Love - Lust - Power - Wealth!

  • 鉂わ笍Love unlocks additional scenes and increases the affection between the girls and the Knight!
  • 馃崋Lust makes them friskier!
  • 鈿旓笍Power boosts fighting prowess!
  • 馃挵Wealth increases the Swirlies (our currency) you get!

There's a lot of Visual Novel sections in the game, in which we are investing our energies as much as with the RPG and strategy ones! The Campsite alone already hosts tens of events!

The player can interact with Princesses and NPCs, unlocking their Routes and getting to know them better, in every sense~

Not only there are many Knight X Princess events, but we've added (and we'll keep doing so) many Princess X Princess events, during which you will discover, what they do when they're not adventuring around the Kingdom, their likes and dislikes!

Here's the tricky part.

You won't be playing in a static world, the Kingdom will keep changing during your playtime, adapting to the events happening all around you!

The Reigns can declare war on each other, they have expenses influencing their growth, they can expand their influence in foreign territories, and more! 

You can ally with a Reign by supporting their developmentfighting their enemies, or clearing quests! Likewise, you can sabotage them, making them lose the war for supremacy!

SFW and NSFW animations are always in the making.
When you have a love-y encounter with a Princess or a NPC you will be rewarded with:

Animations (we currently have over 160 NSFW animations)

or CG scenes!

Meet monstergirls (or humans), visit new places, you will always find someone that wants to have fun with the Knight!

The Team, as of now, is composed of:

  • Towerfag, that's me, I'm the project manager and programmer of the game!
  • TAGM, our composer, currently working on the OST of the game!
  • KARMA, our writer, currently busy writing events and questlines for the massive cast of the game!
  • TSU, our new portrait artist! Working on new portraits, new forms and new costumes for all the girls of Princess & Conquest!
  • Clockwork and 鍕囨皸, our spriters, making cute new sprites for characters and monsters!
  • Akai (璧や簳) and Moonie, our animators, working on the SFW and NSFW animated scenes!

The game is updated frequently, with a bunch of new stuff added each time!

Required to play: RPG Maker VX Ace RTP files

Updated 4 hours ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAdventure, Role Playing, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Adult, Anime, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai, Pixel Art, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls
LinksSteam, Homepage, Patreon, Twitter


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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Um... I think Dear needs to have her eyes checked...

can't see a problem, blinded by the booba 

(1 edit)

New bug report: Bird Princess gives her dowry upon speaking to her in camp... every time you speak to her. While this is exceedingly profitable (to the tune of 1750 every time you speak to her, far and away the fastest method of making cash I've found yet), it is probably not intentional, and may be slightly unbalanced.


This game is also gonna have some m/m content too? Thats really cool, thanks tower... ye a 


also please add some f/f if you can to expand the set idk lel 


There's an F/F scene of Human and Ghost Princesses at camp, sadly still without art.

Well, it still is a developing game. As for the devs, I guess we should thanks them for their hard work and including these c: 


Does anybody know what princess routes are done and playable


I think it would be funny if you added a prince or two to the game, maybe romancable too? That would be such a hilarious epic prank. 馃樁


Harvest Princess has a secret for you ;)

they are getting added I think c: 

(1 edit) (+1)

New bug: Finhead reign held out against siege despite Finhead Princess having already eloped. Upon entering to investigate further, Finhead Princess, despite already being in my party, was able to be rescued from the invasion and awarded the rescue medal.

Update: The Finhead reign is now randomly and repeatedly announcing that the reign has been captured, followed instantly by an announcement that it has fallen.

(2 edits) (+1)

New bug: attempting to enter the Diamond Seashell caused the error included in the picture. Associated circumstances: second visit, wearing Fish Lungs, reign at war with Mermaid Princess, Merchant Princess present in city, time of 23:00 hours. Note: I have already installed the existing patch. EDIT: waiting until morning allows entry without crash, meaning it seems to be associated either with night time or the autosave function. 


hey this is the same exact error I got too

reviving the dead using the death note causes them to all have the same name 'O'

I would like your help! My save seems to be corrupted in the sense that once the current night that my save is in ends, it crashes the game no matter what I do. If I sleep with a princess or without or even at a inn the game crashes. I did some testing and it does not do it to any new game I make but only to my main save. It also will crash if I don't sleep and try to let the next day come without sleeping. I love this game and don't want to start over. Here is a snip of the error that appears for the crash.


When I complete the first cat princess comes into your camp event, I get a weird bug where I can walk through walls. The only way to fix it seems to be reloading an earlier save file.


Why has Princess conquest turned into Prince conquest? 

I can't save my game, is there an issue?

Nice game, but need an option to fast forward or skip dialogs. Replaying without it is just too painful.

(1 edit)

Just found out that you can press CTRL+Z to fast forward dialogs.

been getting crashes while flying around

upon further inspection there seem to be crashes for changing characters in the overworld in general

Game is not letting me save at all. Am I missing something or is it a bug?

Still can't find cheats and it makes me sad, I just wanna peaceful kingdom so i can explore all routes and not play through the game 800 times

How do I save it seem to not allow me to do so when i play the game.

how do I open the .rar file?

nevermind I figured it out

You need a program like winrar. Once you have it, right click and extract

Interesting game, nice animations, unfortunately often crashing (e.g. failing to load areas, being unable to save at random times etc.). I've played about an hour and crashed more than 5 times.

For it's current price it could use some polish in fixing those bugs, but the style for it isnt bad and I like that access to certain events can be accessed quickly.

Define "crashes", since I'm here to fix those!

I'll compile a list I get from now on. Since not many people are talking about it maybe it relates to an antivirus software I have or something.

off the top of my head:

> Going into new zones pretty often I get a crash (I think it said failing to load)

> Hitting the S button in battle areas

Were ones that happened the most often, I think one other happened but not as often. I'll get screenshots and reply again.

Here are some I found after playing for a bit, didnt get the map one again interestingly.

Crashing (ALL crash triggers I've found have worked some of the time, so it's not a fixed break event):

  • https://imgur.com/xDzcwer - error when hitting the A button in a combat zone (this also happens with the S button sometimes, probably just a combat thing in general)
  • Going into new zones gives a bitmap error or something sometimes, wasnt able to reproduce today, will come back with it when it happens again


  • https://imgur.com/a/NIz0fLr - unable to save (happens with no clear reason why)
  • bug (missing panel) but not a break - https://imgur.com/a/1sQ5KN9
  • https://imgur.com/a/1nWTibY - no button lets me add swirlies to the couldron after first meeting her. It did however work after leaving and revisiting after a day. (similarly after meeting moth princess for the first time during both day and night it didnt work, I had to wait until the next day to trigger an event which was ofc the next night)
  • https://imgur.com/a/oyZCNQb - weird error when I accidentally hit alt + enter. I had been trying to skip through dialogue I accidentally repeated.

Joiplay compatibility?

Do you plan on adding content other than m/f?

(3 edits)

Nvrm figured it out

Deleted 63 days ago
(1 edit)

does dog princesses tantrums only happen once? cause she joined the human army so i think i couldnt use her in any other kingdom

hey, im playing the public version of 0.18, but i cant get moth princess to spawn after breaking the cucoons (even at night). is there something im missing?

update: nvm figured it out

The newest version I downloaded has a few things i want to mention. Im not able to recruit Amelie after forgetting to talk to her at the tavern for the first time now she just wanders never to return. None of the Bird H-Scenes work, Idk if they're suppose to have any but if they did they dont work. Female dragon progeny assets dont load in the one instance ive had. Another oddity In my game is Human princesses icon is at the Farm indicating that she would be there? When shes not. The last thing is maybe more H-Scenes, humans and fairies have like 1 where others have 2-3. Variety would just be nice, overall 7.5/10 "Hope for more Kingdoms and Adventure's"

(1 edit)

Wandering NPC's can get stuck in a loop where they reset every time you enter and exist a new territory and getting them unstuck can be a real pain. I had that same problem with Pirate Princess.

Bird H Scene doesn't work for me either.

The game has a memory leak that can slowly build up over a few hours, and the engine can't handle more than 2gb of memory at a time, so when assets stop loading it's a good sign to restart the game before it crashes. Restarting it resets the memory usage to normal.

The icon at the farm indicates which princess controls the farm, often a good indicator that the Insect Kingdom is about to arrive is when the Insect Princess starts controlling it.

I've downloaded the game, but all I get is a file that cant be unzipped. It seems like a fun game but I can't play it for some reason

Try using 7zip or Winrar, Winzip doesn't work with a lot of compressed folders.

Are you going to finish the Finhead Princess and or Mermaid Princess Routes anytime soon. PS: So is that a no on f-ing the knight princess.


No, those routes aren't being worked on yet. We're currently on Moth and Dusk.


Great game I bought it on steam my only problem is when are you going to fix the problem with the game running for too long? it bothers me a lot since I've never left this game normally it always just crashes and I just oh okay and stop playing.

Great game but dear god sometimes the text scenes are overly long and painful to sit through after you've already read them, especially those two Mouse Princess ones.


Crtl+confirm to skip text!

(1 edit)

Edit: Oh Cool, and you can do it with a controller by holding the Right Z Trigger.


im sure this might be a stupid question but where do i go to find the slaves i bought from the goblins? at the moment it feels like im wasting money and not really able to do anything

(1 edit)

Rabbit Vineyard Daycare or Faun's Tavern

they count as progeny


Can you add Chinese?I really like this game,but my English is not very good.I hpoe it can be adopted.

Yes, we need Chinese.

Having an issue with the Trench Investigation (Finhead Princess) Quest. I'm at the point where it tells me to wait until night and sneak into her room to get to the Chiseled Tunnel but the day/night cycle doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas on how to fix?

Often the Day Night cycle pauses while you're in a town or in dialogue, or it will advance only a fixed amount of time. Try exiting out to the world map, or alternately, sleep at an inn to pass the time.

If it gets stuck on the overworld map, go into options and adjust day length then travel between maps a couple of times.

It just doesn't cycle at all is the issue, and sleeping at an Inn will just progress to the next day. And since to get to the Finhead region you have to sleep on the ship it doesn't remain night. I'm just at a loss of what to do because it doesn't progress the cycle even outside the finhead (like at the scene with the entrance) is there a command to force it to be night?

(1 edit)

It depends on the inn. If you sleep at Faun's tavern it progresses to the next day, but if you sleep at a normal inn normally it just advances time a few hours.

If you're at the Seashell and it's stuck, you may have to exit all the way to the world map and just wait until it gets dark if it doesn't advance while you're in the area. Try going into options and shortening day length if it doesn't seem to be working.

Also, if you're playing a new game, I remember being confused when my first day never ended but I think it wanted me to do one of the beginner level guild quests first.

I've tried sleeping in the inn at morning and it turned to the next day (at seashell). I've done the reducing length of days and exiting to world map but you cant be on the seashell access point while in the world map, the closest you can be is at hammerhead port (as far as I know). Sorry for the long thread, I just really wanna complete her story

I bought the game on steam, cant seem to find where cheats are. I know how to enable them I just don't know the numbers to input

All according to keikaku.


Damnit. Time to brute force :)

Is the Spika supposed to be invincible during the second phase of the fight?

Deleted 89 days ago

Greetings, do you plan to do a translation into Spanish? If not, is there a program I can use to translate it while playing?
PS: I love the game, I already want to see the next update <3


Will there ever be an android version?

Well, you can use some sort of Emulator or idk

I tried, and more than once. The game generally runs, but because some of the files do not work that way. Models and the game menu is not displayed.

You have to enable Path Cache in Joiplay RPG settings.


How do you recruit bird princess? I've tried the siege method and no matter how many times I fought against the bird reign they wouldn't be sieged and when I tried the pregnancy method they just wouldn't give birth no matter how long I waited. Please help I'm at a loss here.

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