v0.16.14 is out!

It's out bois!


[Steam Release]
-Cloud saves
-Achievement integration


  • Customizations menu
  • Diaries rework
  • Rabbit X Harvest NSFW scene
  • Slime Princess NSFW animation #3
  • Abyssal Explorer costume for Rabbit Princess and Progeny
  • Queen of Hearts costume for Rabbit Princess and Progeny


  • Human Princess pregnant/not assets mixed up
  • Amelie animation unlock added to the Cheats
  • Knight direction getting stuck during Wyvern's End
  • Dungeon-completion achievement display mismatches
  • Crashes when depositing a secondary Princess (Mimic, Scarecrow, Crusader, Crystal, Moss) in the bunnies' Daycare
  • Menu access denied after Golem "shocking" scene
  • Goblin Elite soldiers sprite during fights
  • Love Whip not working correctly
  • Player drowing while on boat Hammerhead Port <-> Mermaid Tail
  • The Chi/m/p on the 2nd floor of the Rattesein not accepting Shade Princesses
  • Fixed Skeleton Reign's fall possibly causing black screens when going to next day
  • Tweaked Slime Puddle and Fly overworld skills
  • Solved errors happening when NPCs try to pass the Mice Clocktown

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