patch 1 for v0.16.4 released!

Patch1 for v0.16.14 released!


  • Diplomacy Cheat causing war declarations to Finhead Princess
  • Possible crashes when skipping text (talking to Lizz about Fairy Princess quest)
  • Princesses not answering when asked about the wars in which they're involved
  • Passability issues in the Desert Festival
  • Possible sprite swaps in the Scarecrow Fields when accessing menus
  • Possible softlocks during Desert sieges
  • The spikes in the Pyramid sending the Knight over impassable points

Also fixed but will require a new build:

  •  Black Screens after loading Saves (both Autosaves and normal ones)
  • Wrongly placed items for the "Food Fetchers" quest

Get it in the RELEASE post!


Patch1 v0.16.14.rar 263 kB
Oct 12, 2019

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