v0.16.15 is out!


Additions and changes:

  • Ninja Princess NSFW event #1 added
  • Ninja Princess NSFW animation #1 added
  • Desert Princess' Festival dance now starts manually
  • Rewrote most of Dog Princess Campsite scene
  • Increased by a big margin the Swirlies needed to proceed the various steps of Dragon Princess I's Route


  • Crashes during Golem Princess defeat dialogue
  • Player becoming unable to move after switching Crystal Princess out
  • Wrong Holstaur Princess quest reward
  • Crashes during dialogues with Ghost Progeny in the Campsite
  • Moon Festival dance minigame sometimes not showing the 3rd arrow
  • Finhead affinity quest being accessible (while her Reign isn't ready)
  • Getting stuck in Insect siege if the Knight has no Relationship points with the Princess
  • Dying in the Mushroom Cave resulting in a freeze
  • Dog Princess animation's placement in the screen during her ending scene (*pat pat*)
  • Custom Cat Princess anal animations not checking for the Knight's equipped items
  • Adjusted the skip text command so it won't crash when a new quest gets called
  • Various typos

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