Patch1 released!

Patch 1 for v0.13 released!

It fixes:

  1. Desert Princess eloping scene
  2. Ghost Princess eloping scene
  3. Starchy fight during Human Princess questline
  4. NPCs spawning on the Inn's door in the Clocktown, getting stuck with the Knight.
  5. Mithril Rings reset function
  6. Goblin Princess crash during her questline (step 4)
  7. Slave auction messages looping if you offer too close to the end of the auction 
  8. Crash during combat while using Desert or Goblin Princess (or any other party member without a chestpiece. Make sure they all wear something on the chest slot until v0.13.1)

To apply a new patch, empty your "Patches" folder and move the new ".rvdata2" file into it. Patches can lead to memory issues, so we'll stick to little ones. If anything major needs a patch I'll just make a new release.


v0.13Patch1.rvdata2 50 kB
Dec 26, 2017

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