Patch3 released! v0.13.1 next!

It fixes:

  • Desert Princess eloping scene
  • Ghost Princess eloping scene
  • Starchy fight during Human Princess questline
  • NPCs spawning on the Inn's door in the Clocktown, getting stuck with the Knight.
  • Mithril Rings reset function
  • Goblin Princess crash during her questline (step 4)
  • Slave auction messages looping if you offer too close to the end of the auction 
  • Crashes during combat while using Desert or Goblin Princess (or any other party member without a chestpiece. Make sure they all wear something on the chest slot until v0.13.1)
  • Messages looping after slave auctions
  • Crashes during war declarations
  • Panties not respawning correctly in Princesses' rooms
  • Animations bugging up when offering progeny to fauna (you cannot offer them to fauna anymore)
  • Dragon Princess II scene looping after the adult animation
  • Swimsuits quest freezing the game when you get all of them
  • Issues with Sphinx Princess / Dullahan Princess events
  • Money count bugging up when you go higher than 99999
  • Mouse pregnancy announcement featuring Slime Princess instead (for now it fades to black, in v0.13.1 Mouse Princess will have her own scene)

To apply a new patch, empty your "Patches" folder and move the new ".rvdata2" filinto it. Patches can lead to memory issues, so we'll stick to little ones. If anythinmajor needs a patch I'll just make a new release. 

Now, about v0.13.1, it shouldn't take long before it's ready, most likely during next week. The main changes (except more bugfixes) will be:

  • NSFW Animation #31 (Goblin NPC anal)
  • NSFW Animation #32 (Goblin/Bugbear NPC anal)
  • Moth Princess "lantern" scene
  • Mouse Princess pregnancy announcement scene
  • Kobold X Slime "fluff" scene
  • Additional dialogues for NPCs in the Forgotten Gardens and Dance Club of Death

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Make sure that by 13.1 you patch the Testos-X not working properly, or at least not displaying the proper heart emote thingy

I can see it not working on Mouse, but if you tried to use it on someone else let me know, since the problem might be somewhere else! Thank you, a lot of bugs have been fixed in preparation for v0.13.1, rest assured.