v0.13.1 Released and v0.12.6c is now Public!!

v0.13.1 Changelog:

-Moth Princess “Blue Lantern” scene added!
-Forgotten Gardens NPCs dialogues added!
-Forgotten Gardens BGM added!
-Goblin NPCs animation #2 In 4 different colours!
-Goblin NPCs animation #2 (Bugbear variant) In 16 different colour combinations!
-Moth NPCs sprites added!
-Moth Princess animation #1 added!
-More signposts in various locations (for Slime Princess, Fairy Princess and Dog Princess) added!
-New items (Moonlight Glass, Moonlight Glass Cloak, Shining Egg, Heir’s Coin) added!
-New effects for Eternal Key: limitless sexual stamina for the Knight, if he's equipping it!
-New effects for Pheromone Cluster: the Princess equipping it will always?be ovulating!
-New effects for Drake's Bane: burn it into a campfire to get 2 of them!

-Ghost Princess animation placement fixed
-Princesses sometimes changing into progeny fixed
-Holstaur Bar/Tavern/Greenking Brewery NPCs’ facing direction fixed
-Mouse Princess’ number of sisters fixed
-Golem NPCs causing crashes in Holstaur Bar fixed
-Heir randomization correction fixed
-Stealth in Slime Princess’ Throne sometimes not starting fixed
-Stealth in Insect Princess' Hive issues fixed
-Slime dialogues after Eloping fixed
-Testos-X on Mouse Princess not working fixed
-Mouse Clocktown passability issues fixed
-White Flower Garments equippable by everyone fixed
-Goblin “Slave Express” quest placement of the contractor fixed
-Costumes resetting to default after elope/recruitment fixed
-Sleep Powder not getting consumed after use fixed
-Progeny occasionally not having dialogue lines fixed
-Slime/Insect Princess crashing after goblin auction fixed
-Battles not ending properly (mostly Moth) fixed
-Engine not resetting all quests on NG+ fixed
-Eternal Key not working correctly on Princesses fixed
-Skeleton Princess costumes not working fixed
-Progeny menu sometimes getting stuck fixed

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