v0.13.2 Released!!

Here's a new release for you guys, after only 2 weeks! 

  • 0.13.2 Changelog:
    • Additions

    -Mouse Princess "Pregnancy announcement" scene added!
    -Dragon Princess II "Camping on the way back" scene added!
    -Kobold Princess "Back to the roots" bad ending added!
    -New effects for Warm Ore! Speed up pregnancies for egg-layers and fights ice!
    -New effects for Red Candle! Boost stats, but links fates!
    -New effects for Bronze Sack! You literally cum coins!
    -Bronze Sack/Mithril Rings/Stud's Draught now interact with eachother!
    -Life Pearl reworked! Transform your Golem/Ghost/Skeleton Progeny! Their hearts will start beating again!
    -Lily's Pad added! Transform your Moth/Insect Progeny! Their hearts will stop beating soon!
    -Your larval moth Progeny can now be turned into normal moths!
    -You can now select you player's name and the starting item if you decide to skip the intro!
    -Custom sprites for Slime NPCs added (28 variations)!
    -Custom sprites for Insect NPCs added (20 variations)!
    -Canopy Forest area added!
    -Chance of getting twins roughly doubled (still pretty low though)!
    -No war declarations before day 3 (get those skeletons in check!)!
    -Added signposts in the Fairy Forest and Frog Princess' Pond!

    • Bugfixes

    -Fixed a lot of issues and crashes caused by out-of-team deliveries and Progeny in general!
    -Fixed eloping with Slime Princess causing her sneak event (leading to the adult scene) not working!
    -Fixed a couple bugs before and after the boss fight in Golem's!
    -Fixed issues while using panties with Mithril Rings and/or Moonlight Glass!
    -Fixed Desert and Goblin Princess crashing during battlefucks!
    -Fixed "Pregnancy announcement" scenes playing after the actual pregnancy if you eloped with the Princess!
    -Fixed Dog Princess visiting the reign of a Princess you eloped with!
    -Fixed Skeleton Progeny portraits not showing correctly!
    -Fixed the Exp bars in the diary not showing the correct progresses for every Princess!
    -Fixed the game freezing after Dragon Princess II event without the Warm Ore in your inventory!
    -Fixed Moth Princess animation during infiltrations!
    -Fixed Ghost Princess animation not centering the screen correctly!

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