v0.13.3 Released!!

Sorry for it being a little late!

0.13.3 Changelog:

  • Additions

-Skeleton Princess adult animation #1 added!
-Mouse Princess adult animation #1 added!
-Kobold x Slime fluff scene added!
-Dance Club of Death NPCs dialogues added!
Gremlin form for Goblin Princess added! It also influences the looks of her Progeny! Includes pregnant and naked portraits!
Hornet form for Insect Princess added! It also influences the looks of her Progeny!
Drider Princess reworked! Visit her at night in the Golem reign or convince her to leave!
Amethyst Gossamer added! It can transform in any other dowry, at random!
-New Patron (DQ-tier) NPC added (Mary-Annette)
Cotton Vineyards map added, the preview can be viewed by entering the farm in the Southern region.
-Now the Progeny menu also shows the original race of the progeny, despite all the changes that occured.
-The first 4 “Battle Suit” costumes have been added (Kobold, Human, Slime and Goblin Princess)!
-Lust stat now reduces the damage taking during BattleFucks!
-New cheat added. Get all them dowries!

  • Bugfixes

-Fixed diary stats showing incorrectly for most Princesses
-Moth and Insect expected number of offsprings now resets correctly after each delivery
-Abandoning quests and going to NG+ now deletes all the quests you’re on
-Ghost Progeny portrait not showing in throne room fixed
-Kobold Princess playing only the first animation fixed
-Mithril Rings causing pregnancies themselves fixed
-Golem, Skeleton and Ghost having a certain % rate to become pregnant (without using Stud’s Draught or switching to the living forms) fixed.
-All moths being born as Skelda fixed (lol)
-Choco-Dicks number shown incorrectly when gaining/losing a lot of them fixed
-Life Pearl not converting Ghost Princess back to her “ghost” form fixed
-Moth Tree and Lily’s Pad causing crashes fixed

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