Patch3 for v0.13.3!

This is likely going to be the last one before next version!


  • Mimic Chest usage showing debug messages!
  • Mithril Rings' chest jump in Human Castle ending causing getting stuck!
  • Progeny won't be able to "Distribute" points anymore, as intended!
  • Dog Princess yandere tantrums triggered even when you sleep with HER!
  • NG+ resetting distributed points and costumes correctly!
  • Fertility not working as intended for Human, Desert, Cat, Mouse and Dog Princess!
  • City guard asking for the item even after you complete "Weapons/Armors for Human Princess" quest fixed!
  • Human Princess adult scene now "triggers" Dog Princess if she's in your team!
  • NG+ now grants 2 Points to distribute to Kobold Princess!
  • "Digital Hourglass" not working if you skipped the intro fixed!
  • Werebeast Princess escort section freezing the game if you take the wrong exit, then reenter the Rock Tunnel
  • Testos-X not working correctly
  • Moth Extract not working correctly
  • Heir's Coin not working correctly
  • Stud's Draught not working correctly
  • Pregnancy speed calculation errors
  • Qhala not triggering Dog Princess
  • Other minor bugs fixed


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