v0.14 is available on Itch.io!

The new version is out for everyone that bought Early Access, on the same day as Patrons, like usual!

Enjoy! There will probably be patches coming soon, this version will go public in a couple months (v0.14.2/3 will probably be already out by then~)


-The Cotton Vineyards and all its facilities are now ready!
-Rabbit Princess is now recruitable!
-Rabbit Princess can have children, her custom Progeny (~1800 differents looks) is also already available!
-Rabbit NPCs now be seen traveling around the world!
-Added the complete pre-recruiting questline for Rabbit Princess!
-Added Crest Princess new adult scene! CGs by Boogie!
-Added Cat NPCs adult animation #2!
-Added Cat NPCs (Tiger version) adult animation #2!
-Added Mouse Princess adult animation #2!
-Added Kobold Princess Good Ending! The ending CGs will be ready for v0.14.1.
-Added "Knights INC" quest "Moon of the Harvest"!
-Kingdom Enmity mechanics added!
-Kingdom Lewdness mechanics added!
-All siege fights have now a dedicated battleground!
-Shade Princesses are now available! Perfect copies of Princesses that will soon cause havoc in the Kingdom!
-Stud's Draught and Bronze Sack now work during NPCs sex too!
-Pocket Life Pearl added!
-Lapin Ring added!
-Breeding Contract (Goblin) added!
-Breeding Contract (Rabbit) added!
-Shade Braces added!
-"Sea Rabbit" costume for Rabbit Princess added!
-"Bikini of Extreme Wealth" costume for Dragon Princess I added!
-Added "Hornet Form" for Insect Princess (includes pregnant/naked/pregnant&naked portraits)
-"The Beast" costume for Dog Princess added!
-"Soul Drill" costume for Golem Princess added!
-"Keroic Suit" costume for Frog Princess added!
-A bunch of new events, hidden secrets, new maps and enemies!

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