Patch2 for v0.16.11!

Second patch released!


  • Hippopotus and other bosses possibly not chasing the Player if it's not the first boss fight you face
  • Bride Veil not working on DesertP
  • Removed Autosave during tutorial
  • HumanP and SlimeP Heir dialogue flow
  • Heirs being on throne possibly causing the game engine to see those Reigns as defeated
  • Black screen from the 2nd time you have sex with the Bank Clerk
  • Slime NPCs dialogue crash in the Golden Stump
  • Hammerhead Port / Mermaid Tail ship correctly moving to your location if you board it
  • DesertP dance room various issues
  • DesertP festival crash when talking to one of the kids
  • Rumble Jungle passability issues
  • Spire Pantheon passability issues
  • Black Screens happening after resting / using services for free (Rabbit Inn during transformation event, trip back from Mermaid Tail)
  • Crashes and repeated lines during the "Nun" step of Amelie's questline
  • Invisible wall in the Pantheon Garden
  • Insect Princess now correctly gives mostly red ants as first-generation heirs
  • World Map events, egg hatching and terrain damages now won't interrupt ongoing dialogues
  • Wrong animation being shown when using default Cat or Goblin Princess during battle-fucks
  • Crashes when selecting one of the (missing) animations from Babs gallery
  • Removed extra "Blood-Spattered Mail" from the Monastery's Graveyard

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Hi, im fairly new to getting games from itch and new to this game (i played the demo and decided to buy it) and was wondering if the main download (not the patch) has the patches already added or if i have to add them my self. if so how can i do that? any help would be appreciated. 

Hello! You need to download the patch too and to unpack it into the main folder of the game (there's a readme into the patch's RAR)

ah ok thank you. also i cant seem to find any malt for the 1st quest? not sure if im blind but i have looked everywhere and o cannot seem to find it