Happy Spookfest/Halloween! Can't believe I did it in time! The art in this one is just 歹, have -fun- and wake Moth Princess up!

Controls (Mouse/Touch):

CLICK on the left and right sides of the screen to look around the room! 

 CLICK on the Bell Moths to *shoo* the horrors getting too close 

 CLICK on the Vines trapping Moth Princess and free her! End the nightmares!

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TagsAdult, Creepy, Eroge, Erotic, First-Person, Five Nights at Freddy's, Hentai, Horror, Spooky


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That Code would make Waldo Proud. 

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i have tryed to beat it for an hour and can't can someone reply to me what the code is plz and thank you

edited i finaly beat it so nvm and if enough of people ask me what the code is i will put it in here


ahh yes the best princess... mommy mothussy


i want sex scenes please

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Ive beaten this like 3 or 4 times now, are the levels getting harder and there be a scene at the end or is it just the same scene and dialog? Are there any other scenes at all?


Ok. This BGM is freaking me out

no minigame code, sad
good game tho



no minigame code in textbox

I cant find it

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where I can't find it either

There`s a code, It's hidden in her clothes on the left of the photo.

Small things like these show you have passion for the overall project keep it up.

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What does the code mean?


does the minigame codes work on the 0.18 free build


I finished the game and I didn't get any scene or reward :(


If I had a nickel for every porn-themed fnaf-like I've played recently, I'd have 2 nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.

Also, the code is just above the blanket in the bottom left. It's practically a color blindness test sheesh.

lmao ty for that, couldnt find it first i played it

You're welcome! I was a bit less specific on the potion shop one because you could find it easy enough (at least when you knew it wasn't in the text box for the first time). Here, as I've already stated, it could be its own color blindness test. I don't like typing the codes outright, but if enough people are having trouble reading it, I'll do it.


For real made a fnaf game, funny and scarry. 10/10

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I won the game.

You just need to click the bug bell when moth is near then left after use the bell, click it again so the bug bell doesn't count down then died.


I just beat the game but got no code or scene. Is that bug or is this just simply mini-game?

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There is, there is...

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the Bell Moths are 2, check to the left and right. With every ring, a Bell Moth depletes 1% of it's energy.

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Nah I got confused too. You can stop the bells once the monsters flash and turn around. Once their energy is up is when they disappear and you can't use them. 

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How long did it ring for

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oh…no wonder they disappeared lol