Used a bit of my free time to work on this minigame~ It took me roughly 3 days and it will be easy to add little perks to it in the future... so yea, it's something I'd do again with other Princesses!

I hope you enjoy it, I had a lot of fun making this and I believe I've learned one thing or two that will certainly be useful on the bigger projects I'm working on!

It's shitty times, let's keep positive vibes going and playfully spank our favorite Rabbit! 🍑

Enjoy this refreshing day at the beach with Rabbit Princess! And thank you for reaching the MINIGAMES stretchgoal!

Controls (Keyboard):

  • Press Left or Right arrow when the Gauntlet is by the cheek indicated by the HUD
  • Press Up or Down arrow to change her costume

Controls (Mouse/Touch):

  • Press the Left or Right side of the screen when the Gauntlet is by the cheek indicated by the HUD
  • Press the bunny ears button to change her costume

v1.1 Changelog:

  • Added 2 costumes (Sailor Costume,Sukumizu Costume)
  • Added new Title Screen
  • Added new Victory Illustration
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TagsAdult, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai, NSFW, Romance, Short


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Is the code a cheat code? Or like a combination code?

Probably for the main game.

I know that but I meant where in the main game.

I know that but I meant where in the main game.

Cheat menu probably.

Menu Cheasts Minigame Codes

What happened to Down the Neko Hole? It's not on itch anymore... 😥


What do you mean its right here?:

(2 edits)

Ah, thank you. I was actually worried lol. It's one of my favs.

When I clicked on "View all by Towerfag" earlier, I must have overlooked it by accident because I was used to seeing a different title art...
And my saved favorite link leading to the game took me to an error page instead, stating that it didn't exist practically. The page couldn't be found.
The link I had simply didn't work anymore so it must have been taken down and re-posted at some point in between the time I last checked on it... I was basically pranked by itch and myself lol... 😆

This is the old link I had that used to work but doesn't anymore:
So anyone who had that link saved will be led to the same page... 

It gave me a small scare lol. So really, thank you for the new link! I almost thought it was discontinued and it worried me, so that's what I meant. I really enjoy Down the Neko Hole... 

cute little spanking game, really sad her ass didn't get red after hitting it so much

after the update my game wont run. it just takes me to file explorer.

The concept is very simple, but Towerfag always bring some charm into its work!

It did leave me with a desire for a more "FnF" type challenge... like, imagine the possibilities, right?

But as a "3 day" game, its really good!!

Congrats mate!!

(2 edits) (-2)

very good game but could add levels, for example: pat her pussy


what 552352 for? not nhentai I already checked


I think, but dont quote me on this its a code for in game (princess & conquest) so if you get the game or already have it put the code in and it might unlock something.


well it be available to download? 


Score: 552351/10






p&c major lore?!? game theory new video when? 


dont worry, matpats already on it


Was that lore?!