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Serious question: what manages Skeleton Princess's sleep cycle? Like, is it a once a month thing, or only on specific days of a given month/season, or is it just a random number generator with a 1/1024 chance of her being asleep for a given hour? Because I've seen her asleep exactly once, and I've wasted literal hours entering her town, exiting town, and reloading the game after something like a reign collapses or whatever.

She will rest when her reign loses too much terrain in a war against another Princess. Skeletons need no rest.


The game keeps crashing when interacting with golems.

Yes, I'm aware of that. I believe I've found the issue but, just in case, send me the screenshot of the crash if possible. Thank you!

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That's a bit awkward to do, just because it gives slightly different messages almost every time.  As example, I just tried transforming one of my progeny into a golem (because Golem Princess gives birth to ghosts for some reason), and it went to black with a popup reading, "Unable to find file: graphics/pictures/gollegarmj". Different attempt with a different progeny spat back out, "Unable to find file: graphics/pictures/gollegsilbl". Yet another attempt, after a successful transformation and then taking back the core, it gave the error "Unable to find file: graphics/pictures/golbodmec".

Other times while interacting with golems in town I'd get messages of the exact same type, just with different files that all start with gol. The only golem not to display these issues is the princess.

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Seem to be some unusual quirks with the gamepad controls. I've tried configuring the controls but none of the buttons give me the option to confirm/talk to characters. I have to either hit Z or Enter on my keyboard. All other gamepad commands seem to work. Using the Xbox Elite controller.

Edit: Additionally, if a gamepad is detected, the game won't allow the use of keyboard controls other than Z and Enter (at least for me)

Has anyone else managed to trigger conquest end? I've had one of the factions all maxed out in their attack and defense, and even conquered all the other factions yet the ending is still not happening for me.

They need to be enabled at the start of the game (or you can use a Cheat to enable/disable Conquest endings)

Are controllers supported? i cant exit out of any menus on controller. Pressing B enters the menu but no button exits from it. on keyboard ESC enters the menu and exits it.

Hi towerfag! That's what I thought, so I started a new game, but I'm still getting the same result. Basically had the undead factions (skele for N, ghosts for S) take over every castle in their respective regions, but still nothing.
Guess I ought to try with a different faction

What is the button to exit menus on controller. everything else works but in no way can i exit the menu with controller plugged in. escape and X stop working and will not work as long as i have my controller connected and it is unplayable

did you used the item you get from reading the sign with the keybord controls for the first time to configurate the controller settings?

i tried but i dont know how to reconfigurate the controls and you cant change the B button since it is grayed out. on keyboard ESC equals to B on controller but pressing the B on controller does not back out from the menus like ESC does on keyboard

sorry using the keyboard, the only other buttons coming to the mind are the two in the middle

Anyone else have the same problem or is it just a feature of rpg maker

hi and sorry to ask something again but does the reptilian scale got removed from the Sphinx Princess Challenge?

hi and sorry to ask but how do i sneak into a city at night? is there something special needed for that first?

to sneak into a city just walk up to it like normal then you can usually go to 1- 2 place. 1 princess chambers where you can sneak around and try to get to the princess for one reason or another. 2 usually the general areas for example the brewey at goblin princess place.


and if the target is the dragon princess?

I have not gone after her so I cannot help at that point

please add to the main menu settings and add the option disable AutoSave, just the game sometimes lags when autosaving and I have to re-open the game. I would be very grateful.


Can do.

This is a request more than anything, but when we finish a storyline, it would be nice if instead of immediately being put into new game+, we had the option to continue playing, and initiate a new game plus at any time after completing one of the storylines. Dunno how hard this would be to implement, but it would certainly be a fairly useful gameplay upgrade IMHO.

Just a heads up, I think Amelie is slightly bugged. I've finished her quest, but whenever I speak to her in the tavern she offers me a drink and the knight wakes up the next day with her gone. So far I have tried the following:

- drinking with her with 11 END

- drinking with her with 12 STR

- drinking with her with 10 INT

- drinking with her with 11 AGI

- drinking with her with 7 STR and 7 END.

The result however remains the same. The knight fails the drinking test and Amelie is gone. I have not edited any of my savefiles, which leaves out bugs caused by unintended switches. I am also running the latest patch. Any suggestions how I may fix this?

Yea, I'm aware of that, the final event and recruitment fails to trigger, but it's already fixed for v0.16.10!
Thank you for the report

World map lags harder than older versions and FPS is 12

Fun but painful

Like all the best things in life.

Ghost Princess's quest Spodomantic seems to be bugged. The next stage of the quest will not trigger no matter how I recruit her. 

Another bug I found, after finishing Dog Princess's quest and starting NG+, all of my progeny now call me O instead of Dad. This includes all of the progeny carried over and the new ones produced.

Is dragon P III route not ready? I found her but I am unable to awaken her anyone else able to do so? Been looking forward to this one.

The game freezes often during the autosave moments anyway to disable that feature manually?

I used the panic button after getting the crystal princess and i cant go back to the island anymore. The pixie is on the other side. How can i go back?

Another way to get to those places are with Dragon progeny. Hit ctrl when you have them and you can fly anywhere for a limited distance.

Thank for the reply. I was a bit mad that i got the bug, but 10 min after my post i got a dragon egg near a mill. I was really surprise.

As stated by RenaissanceDreemurr you may use a dragon progeny if they have the ability there is also another means of flight in game as well available to the knight.

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I save the Moth Princess from her nightmare, and scene after completes I get an error message and game crashes. 

Is there any way to remove KoboldP or MouseP from my party?

Go to the Tavern and talk with Faun Princess.

I can't seem to get Amelie into my party. I did the Paladin quest, but each night I meet her at the Tavern She just invites the knight to a drink, and wake up in the morning. Is this a glitch, or am I missing something?

That's her regular dialogue I have been waiting for her to even just go to the tavern since I did the quest and no luck :/ 

You probably don't have enough Endurance to resist a drinking night with her!

I maxed out my endurance, but still no dice. 


If you finished her quest drinking with her should be enough. Send me your save at, I'll take a look!

Thank you

I sent the save. Hope there is a solution.

I got to get Skele P in my party after going through her quest line and got her pregnant. I had saved her from a siege since part of the quest said by any means necessary and it just happened the castle was under attack. But after my night with her in camp when I try to switch to her I get this err.  

Make sure the patch (the .rvdata2 file) you can download from (or Gamejolt or Subscribestar) is in your "Patches" folder!

Thank you very much on the quick reply. I did forget to get the patch after the update came out works fine now.

Was the ability for Skele P also taken out to eat the mushroom that keeps freezing up after she does during dialogue.

After playing a while, when using your spell or the wizard enemy in Kobold Princess's castle uses theirs, the game crashes. I've been getting this error ever since I bought it about a month ago. In other words, it isn't a new addition that's causing it.

Also happens when the black statue in the Sphinx trials/dungeon thing uses its magic projectile.

That shouldn't happen, and I know it happens only to a selected few. 
Where is your game folder located?

Currently, it's located on a different drive, but I had the same problem while it was on desktop. Do I need to download/update something maybe?

I've had times when time stops progressing after equipping digital hourglass, sometimes it happens even when I don't.  

Also having trouble recruiting Amelie after doing her quest if anyone has some advice for me.

Possible to buy downloadable OST music ?

I keep getting stuck after using the boat in the shark place. How do i avoid that.

I see the problem, will get patched tomorrow!

It still keeps happening even after the patch. Is there something im doing wrong?

Oh, seems like the patch missed that one. How annoying, give me 1 minute.

Glitch with the Hammerhead docks. Entering the lighthouse and then exiting will take me to the port town up north in Dragon Princess II's reign. Just thought I'd bring it to your attention. The additions are really nice btw.

Same problem doubt this was intended but tried multiple times to see if was just a one time glitch it's not. You can even go to the top inside and see the outside as the frozen island through the windows and change on your way down. 

Make sure the patch I've added is in the "Patches" folder!

Question, will transferring save data from a previous version of the game to the most recent version cause any kind of bugs or problems? 

I'd say there shouldn't be any major issue with anything, provided is 0.16+.

If you have issues with old savefiles just send it to me, I'll see what can be done!

Oh nice. Thank you for clearing that up. Just wanted to know because I know 16.9 will be coming out soon with the massive additions and I didn't know if the old save data could process it. I honestly cant wait!

the game seems to crash whenever I try to collect/pick up princess panties, sorry if this has already being fixed :)

Its probably in conjunction with something else. I have had several bugs which only occur under unknown conditions in conjunction with other states.

That won't happen in 0.16.9 and should fix itself if you load your save at least once before going for panties!

Image result for happosai panties

Deleted post

unfortunately this problem seems to still occur in ver 0.16.9 with patch 2 installed, oh well no panty researching for me :'(

You're probably playing on an older save AND you didn't try saving and loading your game at least once, like I've said. Or is it always the same pair of panties giving you the crash?

it seems to be all panties and as for the save thing you mean save the game quit out and reload right?

I started the game over in a new save slot and it now seems to be fine

So whenever I enter an adult scene with human princess my entire game crashes. Full to black with error message then crash. Don't know if that's just me or not. 

Bug I cannot complete the quest tomorrow’ Eggciting youth for it completes the report to the guild instead of bring dear an egg close to hatching

Yes, I'm aware! Don't worry, it's already fixed for the next build.

Thanks good luck with the game

I don’t know if this is a bug or glitch or neither but whenever breeding dragons it generally produces yellow eggs for me which is irritating this happens when breeding dragons who are not yellow as well

I think I glitched out somewhere. I got at least 6 affinity with the Dragon Queen, but the guards won't let me in. Do I have to have full affinity or something?

Bug or glitch if you run into the water at the lamia sanctuary while res pawning after running into the water you can walk in it

A suggestion for next patch please make it so either you give us a cheat code to move the box’s like the merchant princess or make it so they travel to the tavern more often

What do you do to get amelie in your party cause I did the quest but She didn’t join

So does anyone know where the four ghosts are hiding in the ‘invincible under the moon’ quest cause I found three but I can’t find the last one

My only question is which routes are completed and which routes either haven't been started or are still in development?  Either way thank you for this amazing game and any help I can get with my question.

I'm a bit worried about the development of building wider, not taller. The existing princesses are great, but a lot of them don't have much content, and I don't think adding more princesses will help that. If possible, could you clarify your development goals/vision? As a public post would be best if you want to eliminate this worry in a public sense. (I've already bought  the game and have followed development for many years now) 


20 main Princesses ruling their Reigns around the Kingdom, at least 2-3 times that number of secondary Princesses, usually without a Reign, without their own route, but adding spice to the Kingdom.

I plan to make it wide and tall, there's no reason not to. Desert was one of the Princesses with the less content, she's getting a lot of it right now, while Scarecrow (which took me only 2 days in order to have her becoming recruitable), won't get any for a while.

I totally see your point but I'm 100% serious about reaching that "wide and tall" goal.

After completing the event waking Moth P from her dream/nightmare the game seems to crash.

16.8 The fairy to the island in the south is bugged if you have to emergency exit due to getting stuck somewhere from a golem, or event. Golem Princess event is bugged after I killed the spider, talking to golem princess didn't further the event, and now the webs permanently block golem princess, though it gave me the same text that the way was blocked after killing spider, but the way was temporarily cleared. In my current playthough those are two events that are broken. Also the princess diaries cause a very high chance of crashing if you view them. Even if the game doesn't crash there is usually a lot of slowdown, which will go away if you go to menu screen and back again. Lastly, Havest princess loses the bell once you give it to him, talking at a campfire does nothing. Human princess will only have sex at camp once recruited if you drug her, don't know if this is intended, since I triggered her fight and she had no equipment on, and the fight was basically unwinnable with her, so I was forced to rescue her. It is still weird though that that event would totally lock out non drug related tent activity. It would be nice if the PC could access the "private" room of the inn all the time, and use it with princesses that are staying at the inn, but that is more a request than a bug.

Just wanted to pop in to say thank you for all of your hard work. This is a great game and i cannot wait to see the final result.

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