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v15 ?

Hello. Great game really like it and sorry that this has to be my first post. There seems to be an error with the quest "Dance till they drop". It reads my inputs fine but it counts the blank spaces as missed input. Re-downloaded the game and loaded my save. Still didn't work. Any idea how to fix that or do you think I have to start over?

No, it should definitely show any input you need! Make sure to send me a save before the minigame at! I'll take a look in the morning and have it fixed for the next patch!

hey,  so i plugged in a controller (logitech) , how do i change bindings? the item in my inventory says i dont have a controller plugged in

how long is the Demo?

I just bought this game and I can't seem to get the controls to work. I don't have any controllers plugged in and when I start to play the game the character you play as keeps wanting to go up and towards the left. And when I try to navigate through the menu it only lets me go down through the options as well.

The control fix is about to get released, don't worry!

Ok, thank you!

Hey, sorry to bother you guys again. I was just wondering if the control fix was included in one of the updates that you posted for the game. Unfortunatly, I am still encountering the same issue with the controls.

Thank you for your time.

So I just bought the game on steam and it seems like none of my keys work in this game alone. Only space, enter, and X do and only as selecting whatever I am on. I cant use arrow keys or wasd to move do so I cant start the game. Thank you, can't wait to get to these sweet girls.

Make sure you either use the gamepad you plugged in or to unplug it! We're already looking into fixing that, of course.

Oh, thank you, I had no idea it worked like that. 

I bought this few days ago like "Sure what the hell, maybe it'll be a waste of money", but nah, totally worth the purchase.

Gotta say though, the game freezes for me when I try to save the desert princess when her kingdom is under siege, after the fight with the dark djinn, and getting the key, the screen changes back to the room she's in, but nothing else happens-

I'll check it out tonight and include the fix in the next patch. Thank you!

Happy to be of help in anyway! Also I got some questions; If a princess gets fully corrupted, is it basically a game over for her? Is there any plans on making it curable after fully corrupted, or make some kind of gameplay feature for corrupted princesses?


(Looks up to the sky, praying hands) There is a way to cure her.

Where does harvest go if you kick them out during the questline? Can't find any info anywhere and its driving me nuts.

Will there be mac ver?

Will the version being released on steam be on the same update release schedule as on


Sweet. Thanks for the response.

Will you see more revenue from or a steam purchase? That will be the final decider for me in which platform I pick it up from.

I'm curious, what 'endings' are currently in the game?


Kobold, dog, skeleton, dragon 1, dragon 2, wyvern!

Thanks for the reply and keep up the good work. Been loving the game.

Have the game on my desktop, cant save anywhere, world map, inn, etc.

Make sure there's a "Saves" folder in the main directory of the game!

For whatever reason, the Amelie animation has switched back to standard Kobold animation, but only in the camp. 

it has the chance to also play the random kobold animations!

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yo so does the pre order get ya the same perks as patreon players kinda hard to find anything on this i'm not complaining great game and all and i'm certainly willing to wait for this stuff to come just dying to know

Hello! No, since this is a one-time only payment, while Patreon asks for a monthly subscription, the package only includes the game!

Hi there. I seem to have an issue when it comes to getting the Golem Princess pregnant. I've used the required 'Shorty Special' when she's randomly asleep during a visit when choosing the option Crank. I've done it twice now (so 2 different visits while she was asleep which took a long time). She's at 10 reign affinity and I've finished all her quests (including getting the Drider Princess to move out aswell. Is there anything I havent done?

Thanks in advance

Hey game wont save for me, is that to do with the game or the rpgmakervxace?

No saves in battle zones, that's probsbly it!

nope even autosaves or saves in the inn

Likely you've placed the game's folder in a place you aren't authorized to write into. Try placing it in your desktop (or anywhere else), it should fix it.

Deleted post
Deleted post
Deleted post

Got it to work! Thanks for the help!

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Love the new Amelie animation. I hope there will be more stuff like this with companions in the future. Maybe something with Niu'ya

Sometimes when Amile is around, she either doesn't move from her location or she'll walk back and forth between desert to human to insect lands without ever going to Faun's Tavern. Makes it hard to recruit her even after completing her side mission. She has been at goblin domain since start of current playthough and I have never seen her move.

So is the ghost princess quest finished or? Because I have the ashes but, I don't know where to go. The quest doesn't show her recruited after I have her.

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versus with michael v0.16.12 when he said dont get near me you monster lover or i shall teach u a lesson (teach me how exactly?)

I think he did a Sans to you. He can't beat you, so he made it so you can never leave. >:D

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This error appears, for me, in the brothel whenever you accept any of the girls services.

If you don't get out of the text fast enough for the cow mini-game the game also gets an error, forgot which one.

Also the dairy get a bitmap error, though you seem to know that one.

By the way, is there anywhere I can report errors besides here, because I imagine there is a dedicated area for it.

Oh yeah, before I forget. Thanks for making this game. Not only does it satisfy a certain *cough cough* desire, it's also a fun game. You don't get that much with Adult games these days. Bravo.

Edit: Typos

Just making sure, the Knight is male yes?

Who knows!!

Yes, he's male.

Well that's a shame. Your game's art is excellent. Have a nice day.

Finhead?.. seriously, the name could be more engaging couldn't it. Was Mermaid taken or something. What about Formorian after the Irish sea demons.

How banal.

Not like Mermaid Princess isn't a thing

Oh, and anyway, Finhead was the winner of the last Princess Poll, that's why she's next!

Do you get to make your own character in the game?

Found two pretty serious bugs:

Battles against the Golem Reign don't end, even when all enemies have been defeated. I also noticed that there's always one enemy that leaves an invisible but impassable object upon death. I'm guessing that one of the Reign Battle-only golem types isn't correctly removed from the map upon death (thus making the game think that there are still enemies present). This bug applies to both field battles and siege battles.

The other bug has already been reported before, but I'm still running into it even with 0.16.11 patch 2;

Script 'Sapphire Action System IV' line 338: RGSSError occured.

disposed bitmap

If you start the game, enter a combat map, and you (or an enemy) use a projectile weapon (like Wind Blade, etc.), everything will work normally. But if you leave that map, enter a different combat map, and then use a projectile weapon again, you'll get this error and the game will close itself. The same will happen if you go back to title, load a game, and then use a projectile weapon.

I think I found another issue.  With patch2 installed the middle mouse banker will not give you the key.  Unfortunately I also noticed that if the patch is removed after having sex with her once already the screen will go black and she'll still not give you the key.

First, I'm sorry if this problem has already been discussed and solved

This keeps popping, I did see the graphics folder included Patch2 + resources, I simply don't know how to have the game recognize the additional images or if that is even possible.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Hello! It should be enough to have your "Graphics" folder in the root of the game, right beside the "Patches" or "System" ones.

Thank you for the quick reply, unfortunately that didn't quite work alone, I also had to add an additional folder in Graphics called pictures and put all the images in that folder.  Thank you both for your time and the awesome game.

You're right! I'll fix it!

Deleted post

Repacked it correctly now. Sorry for being a dumdum

No problem, thank you for the quick reply and quick action.

i had this pop up will using the mouse princess diary 

Yes, the diaries are quite a buggy mess, I'm redoing them from the start.

So, playing the demo a bit to see how I feel about buying the game and one glaring question comes to mind. Is there a way to change the keybindings? They feel so awkward to me at the moment. I might be able to get used to them, but if there is an .ini tweak or something that'd be great.

Patch failed, 2nd fuck with banker mouse still freezes game, unless I just need to start a new game for it to work.

Although, as I just figured out, it only blanks the screen. If you can navigate out of the room, things go back to normal.

No, it's my bad, I've realized I ended up not putting the fix in the first patch.

A second patch with more fixes will be up today, anyway.

how do I trigger battlefucks?

Serious question: what manages Skeleton Princess's sleep cycle? Like, is it a once a month thing, or only on specific days of a given month/season, or is it just a random number generator with a 1/1024 chance of her being asleep for a given hour? Because I've seen her asleep exactly once, and I've wasted literal hours entering her town, exiting town, and reloading the game after something like a reign collapses or whatever.

She will rest when her reign loses too much terrain in a war against another Princess. Skeletons need no rest.


Hiya, is this still applicable in the current versions? I've let her lose an insane amount of battles and resetting the Affinity a bunch of times to then repeat losing fights but she never rests. Does it have to do with resetting wars? (so do I have to start a new one in order for it to work?).

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Right... After about 3 hours of trying (and resetting a war once) I managed to get her to sleep. I'm really enjoying your game Towerfag, awesome artwork too. I really do suggest the Skeleton Princess getting a rework on the sleeptimers though. This was a real pain in the bum. 

Edit: I forgot I need to make her sleep again after she's given birth. Godhelpme

The game keeps crashing when interacting with golems.

Yes, I'm aware of that. I believe I've found the issue but, just in case, send me the screenshot of the crash if possible. Thank you!

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That's a bit awkward to do, just because it gives slightly different messages almost every time.  As example, I just tried transforming one of my progeny into a golem (because Golem Princess gives birth to ghosts for some reason), and it went to black with a popup reading, "Unable to find file: graphics/pictures/gollegarmj". Different attempt with a different progeny spat back out, "Unable to find file: graphics/pictures/gollegsilbl". Yet another attempt, after a successful transformation and then taking back the core, it gave the error "Unable to find file: graphics/pictures/golbodmec".

Other times while interacting with golems in town I'd get messages of the exact same type, just with different files that all start with gol. The only golem not to display these issues is the princess.

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Seem to be some unusual quirks with the gamepad controls. I've tried configuring the controls but none of the buttons give me the option to confirm/talk to characters. I have to either hit Z or Enter on my keyboard. All other gamepad commands seem to work. Using the Xbox Elite controller.

Edit: Additionally, if a gamepad is detected, the game won't allow the use of keyboard controls other than Z and Enter (at least for me)

Has anyone else managed to trigger conquest end? I've had one of the factions all maxed out in their attack and defense, and even conquered all the other factions yet the ending is still not happening for me.

They need to be enabled at the start of the game (or you can use a Cheat to enable/disable Conquest endings)

Are controllers supported? i cant exit out of any menus on controller. Pressing B enters the menu but no button exits from it. on keyboard ESC enters the menu and exits it.

Hi towerfag! That's what I thought, so I started a new game, but I'm still getting the same result. Basically had the undead factions (skele for N, ghosts for S) take over every castle in their respective regions, but still nothing.
Guess I ought to try with a different faction

What is the button to exit menus on controller. everything else works but in no way can i exit the menu with controller plugged in. escape and X stop working and will not work as long as i have my controller connected and it is unplayable

did you used the item you get from reading the sign with the keybord controls for the first time to configurate the controller settings?

i tried but i dont know how to reconfigurate the controls and you cant change the B button since it is grayed out. on keyboard ESC equals to B on controller but pressing the B on controller does not back out from the menus like ESC does on keyboard

sorry using the keyboard, the only other buttons coming to the mind are the two in the middle

Anyone else have the same problem or is it just a feature of rpg maker

hi and sorry to ask something again but does the reptilian scale got removed from the Sphinx Princess Challenge?

hi and sorry to ask but how do i sneak into a city at night? is there something special needed for that first?

to sneak into a city just walk up to it like normal then you can usually go to 1- 2 place. 1 princess chambers where you can sneak around and try to get to the princess for one reason or another. 2 usually the general areas for example the brewey at goblin princess place.


and if the target is the dragon princess?

I have not gone after her so I cannot help at that point

please add to the main menu settings and add the option disable AutoSave, just the game sometimes lags when autosaving and I have to re-open the game. I would be very grateful.


Can do.

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