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Tried the demo and fell in love with the game right away, bought the steam version and played it since.

Seems like theres a LOT to be explained for some type of player who didnt have anough time to spend in gaming... so, a more detailed wiki is needed, not a full walkthrough, but a deep description about some items use, or some action that can change your gameplay/story

Like, ive search some tutorial and found out about some item that give me a watch-HUD, and i searched anywhere in the wiki, but cant find it... just knowing whats the name of the item is good anough,

Also, the wiki didnt have any explanation on where can we found a princess who stepped down.

Overall its awesome, just need some kind of a wiki or item list information

Love the game!
Is there a wiki?
Do you guys thought about translating it to Portuguese?

If so, I could help you with that.

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Hey, not sure if this is still active, but I'm having a bit of a trouble figuring out why my game doesn't let me save/autosave. The Saves folder is there, so I'm not sure what's going on here.

Can we eventually have girls that have pubic hair?

Played the demo. There is a typo here: "those little lords out there, adressing themselves as princesses." addressing (with two d's). "Eachother" instead of "each other" is regarded as non-standard at best. I wouldn't use the former.

Noted! Thank you for the reports.

I purchased on Itch before I knew it was on Steam. Is it possible to get a Steam key or do I need to re-purchase? 


Hello! Since we're handling Steam and other platforms as separate things (Steam having an external publisher), no, it's not currently possible.

the gentleman have masturbation oral and anal to skeleton girls

that fairies show scenes of masturbating the knight and giving him oral sex.

the ghost princess does not get pregnant and her path does not follow in version 0.17.14

She does get pregnant with special items, but you're right about the route. It's already fixed for the next build, the route will start normally then.

I use the goblin special item  and princess no pregnant 

I have the rpg maker but it wont let me open and is claiming it's an unexpected file type?

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We get beta on or am I just stupid and cant find it

Hay guerra por todo los reinos que hago todo los corazones estan -4

I don't know if this a bug or what, but the scene where you get attacked by 3 frogs in the sewers does not seem to be triggering for me, I've done the Down The Drain Quest and everything. I've looked on all the wikis and the steam discussions, but still can't find a fix. Any ideas?

I downloaded the game on steam and it seems like every time I open it up it never goes past the disclaimer screen or goes full screen. I downloaded the file and it didn't help. Send help pleaaaase!

Im in the process of validating my files and switching to beta, hopefully it works *shrug*


Hello Towerfag, I really like P&C and wanted to join your Discord server, but everytime I click the Accept Invitation button it says "Unable to accept", does that mean the server is now closed? I'm BlurCat#6991.

I'll check what's wrong!

So after spending a lot of time (probably too much) on the public release of the game I decided ill spend the 15 dollars to actually buy it but I do have a question will the save file from the public release transfer over to the paid version?

I think it'll run just fine, I had a 0.17.12 save file running on 0.17.14 BETA and nothing bad happened, so maybe you won't have any problem

So I was able to get my save files onto the new version but it does not do so automatically the saves need to be manually moved over  

Love how complex the game looks, have it in a writeable drive on Windows, but saving, auto or otherwise, either doesn't work or crashes the game. Gonna have to gg.

I have an issue where the game doesn't want to full screen. There is just a little box that shows the game and the rest of the screen is black. Is there a way to make the game full fullscreen?

Pressing F6 should help you.

buenos dias me gusta el juego con retos de medallas y ecenas con eventos pero poco con npc de humanos y sirenas. Seria mucho pedir que pongan princesas loli y algunas npc lolis


For anyone who doesn't understand, 

Good morning I like the game with challenges of medals and scenes with events but little with npc of humans and mermaids. It would be too much to ask that they put loli princesses and some npc lolis


Is it just me or is the game window itself very small is there a way to fullscreen that I'm just not seeing

Try F5 and F6.

the game is stuck on the disclaimer page what the heck do i do man

Press X or Enter!

Or Z... press everything!

y cant all games that cost $ have demos like this one


Noone is like us.

I can't even launch the game, says I need something called RPG___. This looks like fun, but something is not working and I don't know on who's end

That's easy to take care of. The program you need to be the effective spine of the the game is "rpg maker vx ace rtp" but don't worry it's free.


Different person but after downloading that program what do I do


Once you have that downloaded and installed (remember to unpack your files), go ahead and try to launch the game again. It should work fine after that, assuming you got the specific one i typed out


Just download RPG it not hard i think you have on YouTube how to do it


I don't know if the game is broke or if i'm doing something wrong, but i can't save my progress and the game crashes everytime it autosaves. Please provide assistance on this matter.


Will there be an android version.

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I want to change the color of the player model in H-animations I hate blue!

i know this is adult game but maybe put option for 18+ XD

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Are we still allowed to join the discord server? Tried to join it and I'm not allowed to view/comment @ #pnc-discussion.  Is this normal? Thank you.

#pnc-public is open for everyone!
To access #pnc-discussion, as there's no bot for you'll have to PM me on Discord (Towerfag#4682)

Thank you. (I know that this is off topic, but would you please place DtNH here on itch? As I'd like to pick this up also. Thank you.)

You used to be able to do the quest "Help insect princess", but now the clerk tells me that I cannot do the quest because it's not on the guilds map despite the fact that I can go there myself, why is the game keeping me from the quest? I can physically travel to the insect kingdom! I just want to interact with insect princess without having to forsake humanity.

If they're underground, they're out of the Guild's reach. That may change in future updates!


that discord is a nightmare, if i could refund the game for it I would, pretty much just full of nazis that love talking about trans suicide rates


Wow this is nifty. Have you thought about making a generator that makes random monwaifu, based on your current? Lastly I want to say thank you, wish Happy Holidays and many splacking of the hams.


just a suggestion but how about having a option to start as a futanari instead of a guy

before i ask a whole bunch of questions, is there a better place to this game than this comment section?


More male-on-male content is being added, but doesn't it seem like every dick in the world is just incredibly limp? I don't think there's a single male animation where the guy is mostly erect, including Holstaur Futa Princess. A lot of rimming and small, limp, floppy dicks.



bug so there a bug happens sometimes that crashes game with slime princess in there room at night when scrolling with new slide scene menu



cool name lolololo

Hi there, i bought the  game on Gamejolt but i cannot have an acces to the game, how could i contact you about it ? 

Do steam buyers get mores tuff? I'm not sure if iv just not encountered the new stuff or if it's just not in or gets less content here but id really like to know cus i bought this version thinking more money would go to you guys. Also love this game thank you so much for making it I legit grinded this game for weeks on end.


Hello! Stable builds are shared everywhere at the same time, but Beta builds (released weekly) rely heavily on auto-updating clients, so those are on Steam only (and on our crowdfunding platforms)! 


then ill be patient thanks for your work

Similar to another person's problem (on steam ver) the game will bug and not cycle through the days properly sometimes. I found that this mostly happens after choosing to spend nights at the campfire with a princess. However I'm also running across a problem where certain roaming npc's (such as Amelie) are not showing up, whether that's randomization idk. These problems carry over even on new saves, also, camping without interaction with anyone will often lead to a black screen where I can move around but not see. Sorry this seems just like a list of complaints but I'm hoping if this is something other people experience than they can be addressed. I'm otherwise thoroughly enjoying the game and I wait to see what content gets added next.


Yes, I've noticed it and fixed it. It won't be a problem anymore in the next stable (or beta) builds. Thank you for the report!


Awesome thank you so much. Keep up the good work!

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