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How deep is this game in development? it seems a bit ambiguous as to how much more it needs to be completed, the game is already really big and really great, I would just want to know maybe what is the vision for the future of it 

i haven't played this game for a while and when i got back the sexy time sound if the audio had changed.

princesses used to have a moaning voice (battle sex) but it sounds like rice/sand bags being hit/pushed around for all the characters sexy time, what happened and how do i get it back?

I would also like this the sex sound is bad sounds like punching a bag of rice


spanish version plis? or something like a language patch?it's possible?


Is there spanking in this game?


Is this game on any other plataforms? Like Steam or GOG?



I've seen it on steam


can i see pleas see a web varsin

Can tell that a lot of time & effort has went into this, keep up the good work 😁


Loving the game so far, been playing since version 19 with quite a lot of hours in and a few playthroughs, none of which completed yet. 

I like how playing the other mini games on your page gives codes for stuff in the real game but I do wish the Bab's pin could be discarded/disabled as I didn't know what it did and it auto unlocked the scenes for me which kinda sucks as I want to unlock them myself.

Additionally the cute babble the princesses do work very well for the text parts but for the scenes I wish it was the cute moans they made in version 19. I think for that situation, those sounded better for what was happening vs. the cute babble.

Also, I can't seem to find anywhere that shows how many swirlies you need to burn for the next level up. It was in version 19 but can't seem to find it in the most recent version!

Lastly, I'd love if the different knights you pick had their own world sprite to go with the design. It would be a nice QoL improvement I think!

Keep up the great work though, amazing stuff and I'm excited to see what gets added! Thank you for this game!


Wish it had more futa content

Such a great game.. kudos to the team. It's like one of the deepest/richest NSFW game I ever played


a ink list would be nice!


developer will as you be giving away this game for christmas?

Probalby not bc people dont love this game that is a shame

Deleted 108 days ago

what ?


one can I have the get key on this game?

dont understand but ok


Still have no idea how to save

i have a problem with merchant princess, when i pay her to be in mouse princess kingdom, she doesnt appear, is this some bug or she moved from her original post (outside mouse P. clocktower) to another one.


Absolutely LOVING the new update! Beast Knight is my JAM!

Download is broken


I have an issue regarding the new Animalese voices.

I've been Loving this Game on steam for a long time now, but the new update that replaces the voices with Animalese is really off-putting and kinda kills the mood during horny scenes.
I tried the Animalese slider in game, but that didn't affect the voices during horny scenes and only seemed to affect the animalese during dialogue, which is ironically the one place where I actually like it being there.

I have found that the old audio files are still in the game, and can actually be put back in by removing the animalese files, creating a copy of the desired voice and then rename it to whatever the animalese file it is replacing was called.
(Example: Copy "Gob1" and rename it to "VoiceGob1". Delete the Animalese "VoiceGob1" so that the new one gets used. 
You can then do the same with "VoiceGob2, "VoiceGob3" ect.)

While I am willing to do this if neccessary, it's a very tedious and awkward job to fix something that worked just fine in earlier versions.

I understand fully that you guys have more pressing things to work on, but it would be greatly appreciated if you could add an option to revert back to the original voices.
I (and I'm sure plenty others) would be eternally grateful if you did that.

The game is a nigh perfect NSFW game otherwise, and I look forward to seeing where the game goes next. It's just that one issue that is unfortunately very distracting.


Agree with this, I wish the animaless was JUST for when they talk and the moans stayed as is. Does the fix you suggested do this or will they start to moan in the text dialog parts with this fix? XD


Apologies for the late response. Unfortunatly, it has been quite a while since I've played the game, and since then i had to hard restart my computer, which unfortunatley reset my settings. 

Whatever the effect was, I don't remember it being a dealbreaker, but your mileage may vary.
It either made no noise or was pitched in a way that didn't make it too weird, at least thats how i remember it anyway. I apologize if it ends up making everyone replace animalese with moanalese :c.

Either way, good luck!

(Ps: If by this time the old audio files have been patched out, you can find them again by downloading older versions of the game and extracting the audio files there.)


as soon as i get a windows computer im downloading this onto it


You better do.


Oh my god, I don't even have to ask the question.


Cheat code Numbers anyone got any?



how do i make the screen bigger?



cheers mate, they should really add that somehere so peopel know...


Can you play as a woman in this game or only as a man?





They literally have a minigame where you play as a witch trying to transform into a human so she can have sex with her girlfriend, was it really such a wild question?


A Lady Knight option would be nice, but should probably be set aside until 'standard' development has finished, so as to not bog down the devs with Feature Creep.


Futa Knight also

before i buy the game in some weeks, is it possible to play it with a controller ? Altough it won't stop me from buying it.

Yes. I play it with a controller myself

thank you for clarifying that for me

Was wondering if you could get all the princesses or you have to lose some to to get the other?

It is currently not possible to have all Princesses in one save as Dog Princess, Wyvern Princess and Dragon Princess I and II are only available in their routes.

Hey is anyone else having a problem where they can't save anything for their progression.  I'm using Windows 11 


the game had more princesses than the whole adventure time series, 10/10


okay i got my ass kicked and my facts checked by the adventure time wiki, theres more than 20 princesse on the series

Sometimes when I go bet swirls on the cows, the cows would sometimes get stuck on the speed boost or the flower that slows them down. It helps me sometimes when the opposition gets stuck, but I hate it when the cow I bet on that was winning gets stuck.

Will there ever be a mobile version?


I bought this game on steam, in the past two years have asked to add Chinese, but there is no change, there is only always updated content, actually can first translate the main line of content, it is afraid to use machine translation can also. Also, how do I get cheat codes.


Learn the global language of english.


1. learn english

2. ask ppl who knows the game or go to the patreon or something


So will we ever have access to cheat codes or do we have to pay twice?

what happened to the scene with the goblin-p and the wolves? did it get taken out of the lore?


Any ways to fix the black screen when i played it in Android Joiplay? 

Everything works perfectly in Pc, but idk how's this happened in Joiplay

Whats joiplay? Just asking since id love to play this on android

How close is the game getting to being completed?

they started in 2017
the goal is 20 reigns
theyre busy with the 17th
so taking that into consideration, itll be a while


How long can Chinese be added.

during the update the game uninstalled itself and now i can't do a thing


I'm having a similar issue, I bought this game two years ago and it seems the most recent patch uninstalled my game and is not letting me download the game itself and is only letting me attempt to download the patch. The actual game isn't even included in the materials I can download, maybe we have to buy it again?

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