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please fix kobold route i cleaned the farming and sleeping area but k still cant build in those areas it keeps saying those areas need to be cleaned 

i think think the summoners are invisible 

Use the patch included in the packages you can download from here, that bug got fixed already!

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Correction: Aquiring eggs in general leads to this kind of crash:

Same as above! PATCH PATCH PATCH! ;)

Where are the boy NPCs that I can lewd with? I cant find them anywhere.

If you go around there are male goblin npcs that you can lewd with

I downloaded both 16.16 and 16.17 and unfortunately can't seem to save at all, including autosave. Tried skipping the intro to save in the main game, no luck there either. No error message, just nothing happens at all when I press the save button.


Make sure there's a "Saves" folder in the game main directory. Shouldn't be a problem anymore in the latest builds though.

I'm having issues trying the game. I tried downloading the RPG maker and downloaded the game. For some odd reason it doesn't seem to work. I wanted to avoid Steam if possible, but it seems that it is the only way I can how can I get a refund for here so I can get it from Steam?


What's the problem, exactly? Did you download RPG Maker VX Ace RTP files?

Yes sir, I downloaded that, the new patch,  and it still doesn't work.


Does it give you any kind of error message?

I'm hoping I can get some help to actually play this game. I've grabbed the rpg maker and then acquired the Demo to try this out but for the life of me I cannot understand what I'm missing.  I've tried looking it up but there isn't actually a walkthrough for my specific situations as if everyone immediately knew what to do and as a result I feel that my intelligence is lacking.  So I desperately request,  for myself and potentially future idiots like me, that you add some kind of set up tutorial in text or in video form.

Thank you.

 I made this account just to type this.

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Hello, I am having trouble with my drakebold sprite, I have been using the broken dagger and the dagger hasn't had any problems until I went into a siege and Mugen was on the enemy side. After killing him last on the third round Kelly now looks like him now and I can't revert her back. 


There should be a debug item in your inventory, the "Sprite Reloader". Tried with that yet?


yeah, I tried it a few times but it didn't work.

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I finally fixed it. I left Kelly with Dear at the tavern. Left the tavern, saved the game, went back in and retrieved her from Dear and when I made her the main character it was her original sprite.

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updated they are to many dairys., there really is only a need for one that can be scroll up and down to see the other princesses not this over amount of dairys here why., I have to in order to check on one of the princesses diary do at less 4 inputs then if i want to check a other one a other 4 inputs that just slow now on top of this, I feel having the corruption bar be a other health bar and not in the dairy can be alot more useful then me having to check the dairy

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So when are you gonna push the 0.16.20 version to itch?

Because you're already several versions ahead and many others and myself bought the game here under the promise it would get all updates as they come out.

If you're going to screw over everyone who bought the game on here, at least be upfront about it, offer refunds and remove "updated frequently" from the description.

That way I would at least be tempted to buy the game through other means.

I'm really stupid and got confused by the DevLog, the version here is indeed v0.16.20.


The version in here is clearly v0.16.20


Thank you for the answer, I've edited my comment to reflect my error.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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This is beyond ridiculous your selling a game for this amount, when there is so much to fix, the resolution, the sound,  the clonckyness of the game I mean geez. Thank the heavens I didn't buy it and only tried the demo. You cant be serious selling it for this amount but any amount at all. That being said, it has great potential but still a bit to clonky for my taste. The music is good but no setting adjustment whatsoever. I recommend trying the demo out.

Edit: I might have expected too much... I apologize to the game developers, as I feel they deserve more credit for their game. The game is good, unique and I get a undertale feel with a nsfw theme.

Deleted 14 days ago

Oddly enough, some of the animations I attempt to initiate don't play. They set up, then just...exit back to the normal screen without playing.


Princess quest? Gore like Prince quest, this is becoming a gay game, be warned


how did you spell more as "Gore" g is on the opposite side of the keyboard butterfingers

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Hello Towerfag, "great name gave me a chuckle". So I recently bought this game on steam through a recommendation. My question is how would I be able to get the benefits of having bought the game here as well? I would love to ask some questions but don't see any way to get all the extra stuff or discord info w/o a confirmation from one of ya'll. 

edit: (nvm found the info I needed) still great game!))


Fun game btw!


Are you guys just no longer bothering to update the dev logs on Because you're on v0.16.20 now, but we haven't gotten a word since v0.16.17


OK, big bug found: pressing x while being asked to drop a companion member following the birth of progeny has caused the progeny to be added as a 5th party member.


so playin version 0.16.19 and babs doesnt work you do rehearse she comes up to you and nothing you can even move away from her and it can end up straight up breaking the game putting the map as just black

hello I bought the game on steam and I will receive it tomorrow but I have a very important question: .......... is it possible agent put a name on our character?


stupid question... ... ...where in the discord are the game files? 

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Found a couple major bugs. First, certain Human bodies fail to match up with outfits (pictures available but not included out of precaution; deleted prior message out of same precaution). Second, and much more lethally, the game will randomly no longer respond to any user input besides opening the menu. You become unable to walk, attack, or react in any way besides opening the menu. This state persists through any saves made while in this state. No error message is generated in this state.

I am getting a 1417 no method error with the undefined method 'name'

Only started getting this error whenever i try to take the quest to help the human princess after lowering her alignment.


I see I see, I'll send a first patch soon!

Thanks, that update did the trick


Glad it's solved!

This might be a silly question, but I'm in my day 18 in the game, but so far only one war was wage between skeleton and human(that was on day 5), but they come to peace soon after. and from then on nothing is happening around the kingdom, no war and no taxes towards mouse princess either. Is this a bug? Or am I just not that far into the game for that to happen.

im new to this site (Other than trying out a few free games) this would be the first game i am actually willing to pay for. so potentially dumb question: how does getting updates work? if i buy it now for example, i will be able to get all the upcoming updates free right? 

Hey guys, loving the game so far ya'll have done an amazing job with it! I've ran into a problem though, I can't connect to my main character from the selection screen. Every time I try to connect I get an error and the game crashes. Here's a screenshot of it 


Can't see the screenshot! Send it to when you have time. Thanks!

Hey, I've run into a problem, where I can't get the Nature's pad to work, even after many reloads and days past/retried. Is there something you have to do first?

Amazing game though, me and my fiance purchased it a while ago on steam and we play it constantly (me more so). I'm ecstatic every time I see an update for it. 


Hello! Do you have insects / moths / driders in your team?

I tried it with a number of species, I could of sworn with a Spider Progeny too. But I'll try again with more focus on them.

So I hit the panic button after panicking in the crystal cave, and now the ferry fairy is just hanging out and living his best life on wyvern island, leaving me with zero way to conceivably get back in any way. Is there any sort of workaround to get the fairy back on the mainland?

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Get a pair of wings. You can make a set through the Mouse tinkerer with 30 cogs and a Cucco feather (rare drop from Cucco or random reward from CatP for giving her Viscous Water), or get a Dragon in your team. SlimeP can also fly with her Soapy Form. You fly holding Ctrl. 

Not a bug, but still a minor convenience. Is there a way to redo "Thinking Greens" quest without reloading a save? the auto-save feature screwed me over right after i exited the human kingdom and my last save is a few hours ago. I know you can redo quests from the guild but it doesn't seem like you can redo it as simply.

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Question i'm trying to get human princess pregnant, but she's wearing tricky panties is she still able to become pregnant or is it a bug. I didn't know she had them on until her reign fell, or is she just really hard to become pregnant.

Is this a bug?

I want to translate this game into korean.

Can i help you?

(I can translate text only)


Thank you, I'll consider it!

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give me an email if you want help


why in slave market only come out kobolds? 


They're the most common ones (their Reign fall recently), then there's dogs, lamias and driders by default. When other reigns fall, their race becomes available!

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I know but that's the problem, only come out kobolds the rest of the races do not appear

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hello I just wanted to say that now the rest of the races appear (in v0.16.17) I don't know what you did but thank you very much                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    pd:(sorry for my probably bad English)

I'm having an odd error. When I take one of my progeny into my party it does one of three things. Either their hp is decreased, increased, or set to 1/1. When at 1/1 they can't be selected. I assume it thinks they are dead. They can't have their hp lowered or raised and they can't be killed from the fire or ice damage when in the world map.

Hello! Send me your save at, so I can check what's wrong! Thanks

Sent and thanks.

If we bought this on here a while ago. Do we get the steam key as well or no?

I'm having a problem with my current save file where the game crashes every time I try to go to the level up screen. It happens either at a campfire or when I select "Level up" from the menu. I tried doing this on a previous save file and the game does not crash.. I hope my current file is not corrupted.. :( Any advice?

I figured out the issue. I had too many Progenys in the bar and it was causing the issue.


That's a strange crash you've got though. Do you still have the save file? Can you send it to Thanks!

something happened when i downloaded the game i cant save the game is there something i should do like maybe add a file for saves or something?


That's quite strange. If you're outside a battle zone you should always be able to save. Send me a screenshot of your game's folder, if possible! Thanks!

Ok I fixed it just a heads up for something ya might wanna fix when extracting the files there’s a chance that it won’t unpack the saves folder- so maybe that’s something you could try to fix in the future

v15 ?

Hello. Great game really like it and sorry that this has to be my first post. There seems to be an error with the quest "Dance till they drop". It reads my inputs fine but it counts the blank spaces as missed input. Re-downloaded the game and loaded my save. Still didn't work. Any idea how to fix that or do you think I have to start over?


No, it should definitely show any input you need! Make sure to send me a save before the minigame at! I'll take a look in the morning and have it fixed for the next patch!

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