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It looks and feels like a great game but i cant save the game at all for some reason, can someone help me out with this?

It's in the menu


Why can't i enter the mouse kingdom anymore

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Just bought the game and am at the scene immediately after the dragon fight, at the bar and the game has slowed to a crawl, I am on minute 10 of this interaction/cutscene of meeting fawn princess and am kind of tearing my hair out since its frame by frame moving at a snails pace,  @w@; Just when I think its over and I will be allowed to save the game and restart, it just keeps going... and going  O~O;

Okay update: It turns out I only was lagging AT the bar during the cutscene. Now I am out in the field camp, and things are at normal speed again. Don't know what that was about.


Hello, I have such a problem trying to run a game on joiplay and I have such a problem<img src="">

For me joiplay ain't even working


Mount and Blade: The Sex Update

Does someone know how am i suppose to recruit the rabbit princess without starting a war in her kingdom

I have all 10 points and did the "because it's rabbit season" quest

Just curious if the Holstaur Princess will get anymore scenes


For some reason i can't reach day 43 when i sleep at day 42 there's a error and the game crashes.

I manage to reach day 43 once but the game crash when i tried to reach the next day


yeah i hit the same probleam when try to play the game again

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Im having the same issue... but im on day 14.

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How do I get my saves to work? (I'm playing the 0.18 demo) and everytime I save and leave when I come back to post I can't press continue, I checked my save file/folder and nothing was in it, is this just a demo thing or am I doing something incorrectly?

Edit: found out the problem, fixed it by just playing it using the app.

Will this ever be on Android I see it's made with rpg maker and I've seen some rpg maker apk's

Joiplay for Android works well

How? I cant seem to run it on joiplay.

do you have the runtime package for ace?

Quick question, how do you actually engage in a battlefuck? I have it turned on, I can swap to a princess, but I've no idea how to trigger it. Enemies are just attacking like normal and eventually that princess just becomes incapacitated and it cycles on to the next available character. Is there something else I need to do?

Princesses need to have at least 1 Point in Lust (use the Level Up menu to distribute them)!
More Lust -> more likely for it to happen!

Yeaaaah the fullscreen is still broken, when I do f5 or f6 for more than a split second, my screen has a stroke, and even when I do it correctly the game itself is small and in the bottom right of my screen, surrounded by black... what the heck?

Yeah I don't think this is right 

Make sure (F1) the start in fullscreen option is turned OFF!

oh gosh I completely forgot about that, it's all good now, thank you very much ^^

By the way, how do you update to a newer version? I am used to steam updating the game for me.

Ok nevermind, just had to copy the save folder and paste into the newer version.

You could always use the Itchio launche

For any who may not know bird in lower left house of the Bird Reign can soft lock you if agree to have sex. Never pulls up the option to finish. Tried it a couple time to be sure and had to close game and load last autosave each time.

I put a few hours so far and damn now I cant wait to go back. So much to do and I feel you really need to understand whats going on so you can decide what you want to do and help with. It gives me the mysterious vibe too.

Will there be a mobile version in the future

for the rpg maker vx ace rtp files, do they need to be moved into the actual game files? also why is my character moving up and to the left with no option to stop? i wanna play the game dammit!

is there a new way of getting dragon eggs now? cause its not letting me have sex with the dragons

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is fullscreen not a thing anymore in the newer version?

im clicking F3 and nothing happens? and i don't like to start full screen at launch because it isn't stretched out like the previous version

Edit: nvm didn't realize you had to push F5&F6 together. .__.

keeps making me run top left. help please 


Disappointed that there isn't an android version. android gets disrespected amount of love. Loved the style of peach bounce though don't know what to do with the number since this game want 15$ even though it's unfinished 


I figured out a solution for an issue that I came across. On some devices, the game won't let you save or autosave, to fix it you just have to manually add a Saves folder to the files.

I just realized that people already put the answer in the comments. I feel dumb now for trying to figure it out for an hour now. 

im still not sure how to save my game some help pls? @~

I'm not sure how to run the game. I've download the data but not the game...



anyone else have a problem using movement on xbox controllers

did fairy princess quest are bug? i cant move after to that quest

same for me damn


Why in all that is holy does my attack button on my controller open up my menu? All of the onscreen bullshit has xbox button prompts.

It's such a minor thing an I cou switch to keyboard but now I'm so irritated by this tiny thing that I can't play the fuckin game. Man Imma go to sleep an see if things feel better when I wake up.

I cannot save the game is there someway to fix this issu

Just bought it and would love to play it but the game window only appears in about a quarter of the screen, even when fulscreened. and yes, I've pressed F5 and F6. Those just cause the screen to spaz out. Can this be fixed in the settings document or do I need to wait for a patch.

Is there a list or something of all the game's content? I love playing through it every few updates, but I always feel like I'm missing a major amount of content.

77 reais em um jogo indie em desenvolvimento me quebra


Are the old CGs still there or are they fully replaced by the new animations? (For the first dog princess scene for instance)

When are you gonna make an Android version? I can't play it on my emulator.

trying to do the sneaky sneak pregnancy with Harvest Princess (red thread rings and tricky panties), Does this actually work? Like I havent given the bell back but They're still the ruling princess
Probs messed up the order of operations if this path even works lol, was just curious when saw on wiki

quick question is it more recent on here or on steam? 

is it interactive

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I'm sorry if this is obvious, but where do you configure Keyboard controls?

I can only find the gamepad control config, and it's kinda bugging be. 

Edit: I've also been trying to use a PS5 controller, but the controller is only semi responsive. I don't own an xbox controller, which is I think what this is meant for. The controller config debug item doesn't even recognize it. 

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