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cant figure out how to lewd the npcs...

Meet them in the Tavern, Mice Clocktown, Holstaur Bar, Dance Club of Death, Forgotten Gardens or Greenkin Brewery.
Wait for a special dialogue to show and you'll be asked if you want some "sexy time"~

Where do I get the Battle suits?


Let me tell ya

When will Drider princess be recruit-able? Will we be able to recruit dragon princess ii at any point, or any dragon for that matter?

Wyvern and Boy Princess will come after Rabbit~

I was also wondering if we need to put the patches into the newest versions, or if it was not needed? thanks for replying btw!

No, no patches unless it's state otherwise. I'll release the first one for v0.13.4 soon, and like before it will be called "version name" + "patch number" = "v0.13.4Patch1"

Is there any way to get the prisoner outfits without buying the princess from GP?

Not for now, but the Knight will be able to become "client" of the Gazer Prison if he's caught doing illegal acts, so... soon™!

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And how soon may this be, and would you be willing to add a cheat to unlock costumes for research purposes?

since "lewd-all-NPCs" system is live, when will we get to download it? :D

Uhuh, you're pretty well informed, I see!
I'll announce v0.13.4 release date VERY soon, make sure to check or our patreon (!

hey, i got a couple of questions on the costumes, mainly on how to get specific ones, how do i get kobold princess's "lizard captive" and "krealt warrior suit", and goblin princess's "goblin marauder" and "gremlin form" costumes ?

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So I finished dragon princess' 1 story and I'm working on 2 so can someone tell me how I can get over to her island

Catch a fairy!

Hey, I know I'm a new player and I may have missed some stuff everyone else thinks is obvious, but I've got an issue in 0.13.3 in the mouse mines. The (were?) princess in the isolated room interacts just fine until leading you out back into the mine. Then, no matter what I try, she just stands there. Walk to the tower and return however, and the game no longer responds to input. Am I missing something? or is it busted?

Sorry, try to explain again what's happening.
You start following  Werebeast out of her chamber, then into the mines you're in a situation where she doesn't move anymore?

A screenshot showing where she gets stuck would help a lot. Thank you for the report!

She moves this far, then stops. The tower exit is in the northeast corner, which glitches, but the other two exits just resets her back to "Push your luck or One problem at a time". Been running random quests (knights inc.) in the mean time.

Haven't seen a reply, so I thought I'd ask: Did the screen shot help? I still don't know if the bug is on my side (need to reinstall) or yours (typical in-dev oversight). Please understand I'm not harassing (intentionally) or accusing, just asking for an update. If it's my end, I may have more than one program to reinstall. If yours.... well, I'm not new to code myself, so I definitely understand any difficulty.

Did you download the latest patch for v0.13.3? It's on too!
Between the patch notes ( you can see I fixed the issue you mention!

Ah, I already had patch 3...(Patreon), Didn't know didn't quite line up. Thanks.

Now that 13.3 is out, how do you get the Warsuit for Slime Princess, and how do you get the Slime x Kobold scene?

For Slime X Kobold just have both of them in your team and go at the campsite at night.

For Slime's warsuit there's an item in the Holstaur Farm you have to buy and equip her~

I seem to be unable to get back anyone i put into the brothel. Anytime i attempt to the game crashes. it's set up near the Slime kingdom and Kobold Princess is stuck in there now. I'm playing the latest public release.

I ran into a major glitch/bug after the update: I'm only launching into the Progeny Simulator. I'm finding this more anoying than having my saves deleted after each update.

make sure you're not overwriting folders when you download a new version.

Just extract the new version somewhere and move ONLY the savefiles you want to transfer in there. 

I reinstalled the game and it works, this was long before I read your reply.

As for my saved files, I'm gonna need a step by step guide. So far I've only been updating from itch.

It's easy. There's files named "save01, save02, save03... .rvdata2" in the game's folder, those are the save files. You can just move them into the new releases's folder.


I think I ran into a bug. So for my save (13.1), the humans are sieging the Slime Kingdom. However, I've been waiting for a long time for the humans to win so that I can get the Vacuum Seal costume when I buy from goblin princess. Is the game glitched, or do I just have to wait for a very long time for the humans to win? Could you please check out the save I sent to your email? Thank You.

From what I seen of the game it does take a long time for an army to win in the siege. I find it better to just go in there and beat the boss. You can then make to princess surrender to the army.

Hey, how do you get the Vacuum Sphere and Pectin Powdered costumes for slime princess? Or are they part of 13.3?

Pectin Powdered is v0.13.3 only and the only way to get the Vacuum one, for now, is to buy Slime from a goblin's auction.

How exactly do I get those "NPC animations"?

They're in the game, but the scripts to have sex with NPCs aren't yet! For now you can see them in Babs' gallery though.

do you need to delete the old patch when you put the new one in.



I'm a bit stuck right now.. Does anyone know how to save Skeleton princess? I got into the scene where I can save her but I don't get the option to save her. was I supposed to have an item that I don't have? or is it broken because of new versions not needing the head anymore?

is the Kobold x Slime scene in 13.2 yet or do I have to wait for 13.3

We all gotta wait for these 2 hanging out together... but 15/2 is only a couple weeks away!

How and where do i go report bugs? (0.32.2)!

How do I get the royal jelly? It says on the wiki you can get it after an event with Insect Princess, but everytime at the campfire, when I try talking to Insect Princes and it says "Spend time with Insect Princess?", if I click yes, it doesn't work. Is this meant to happen or is my save not working?

She needs at least 2 in the Love stat to begin the mission to retrieve the Royal Jelly for her!

How do I get the Kobold x Slime scene?

By waiting for v0.13.2~!

How do you get wood? I can't progress with KoboldP's story.

There's 2 ways:

  • you open the way out of the Kobold Fortress and send them to cut wood
  • you buy it from the amnesiac golem in the Ancient Battlefield, after giving him enough Cogs

So now that 13.1 is out, can I transfer my data from v0.13 to the new release? (I spent so much time on v13)

sure, just copy/paste your save (the .rvdata2 file) to the new folder.

Where is the new public release?

It will happen today, don't worry!

Which portraits should I use? Are the more detailed ones newer or the smaller ones

We're using the simpler ones. All the costumes and forms too are like that!

Is there a way to retake a reign for a princess the humanP lost her reign to the InsectP she didn't abdicate so she's still the rightful ruler. And if not would it be possible to retake reigns in the future?

Also is it possible to put Kobold Kids into the Kobold Fortress? If so How?

You can put kobold kids in the fortress, for now, only if as the single noble in the throne room.
Soon they will be much more integral in the fortress' life!

Okay thanks but is it possible to retake a princess's captured reign? and if not will it be implemented in the future?

No, it's very unlikely, will happen probably only during endings and such.

If I buy the game will I get the updates whenever they come out?

And after I buy the full game will I keep my save files from the demo?

The DL links here will be updated as soon as a new release is out.

v0.13.1 comes out the 10th of January -> The page of Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest will get the new links the same day

Old saves are usable in newer versions, but they may have compatibilty issues.
I'm working on a system that "converts" the old saves in new one though, to avoid even those issue mentioned above.

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And I don't know if its fixed yet but on version 0.12 I got the skeleton princess and I equipped her with the shape changing weapon and somehow the effects also worked on Sir Knight so I'm a snake now and I can't change back lol. It changes back after I use the shield but then it reverts after I enter a new area.

*Edit* and I also sold the human princess to the brothel but whenever I try to buy her back my game crashes. 

Consider that v0.12 is from July, I cannot count the amount of things we added/fixed since then.
The changelog up to v0.13 is here, it should give you a rough idea of the volume of stuff wea add every time~

What can you do at the clearing above dragon princesses castle?

That's a placeholder zone for a new Princess~

How do you get offspring to take over the reign?


If a Princess has a heir she will agree to elope with you if you ask her at night (or day for Moth/Ghost) and she has enough Affinity (2-3 hearts in the Status Screen are needed).

Just wondering, for new versions like 13.1 or like v14 or anything big like that in the future, how do we apply them to our old games so that the data from my current v13 game will carry on the the next update?

New versions usually require a new download of the whole client, but I'm making sure you can use your saves for the newer versions of the game., at least for 0.13 - > 0.13.1

How do we get the prisoner and maid outfits?

For the maids outfits you complete the "Milking Time" quest (level 3 guild quest thing), and I think you complete the two birds one stone quest (level 2 or 3) and probably something to do with the prisoner npc guy you save during the quest

I only got one maid dress from the quest milking time, do I have to repeat it or buy the rest from some where else?

I got the one I wanted by milking her with THAT certain princess

I did the two birds with one stone and have not gotten the prisoner outfits was there a specific choice I had to make?


For the Maid Outfits do the "Milking" quest.
For the prisoner ones you have to buy the Princesses in the goblins' Slaves Market! Soon you will be able to get them in the Gazer's Prison too.

so there is no prisoner outfit for the goblin or kobold princess yet?

They'really between the resources, but there isn't a way to get 'em. HA!

Can you please add a method of getting them without enslaving them next patch

The prison/law system will be required for that. The player and his team, if caught, will be sent to the Gazer's Prison and will get prisoner costumes for everyone.

How do you download this game? Every time I download it comes out as a notepad... I've already downloaded the RPGV thingy.

You need to extract the file you download with WinRar!

7-zip also works everyone

Is there anything currently we can do with the Werebeast Princess other escorting her back to her tower? 

No, that's only the start of her route, but we'll see more of her soon!

Also will Dullahan princess be made recruitable any time soon?

No, she isn't in the recruitable cast for now.
BUT! The next CG scene will be hers!

So I have 3 slime heirs. The first two, when I interacted with them would talk at the campfire and at the tavern. But now the third one won't talk at all when interacted with. Is this a glitch or is it part of the game? Also, will there possibly be a way to get rid of unwanted children in the future? I have some retarded slimes that I wish I could just dump somewhere.

>Dumping children


You have room for 500 of them, you will have to deal with the dumb slimes too.

Send me your savefile to, I will take a look.

How do I send you my save file? (Aw, why no child abondment?)

Send the Save01.rvdata2 file (if it's file number 1) to
No child, not even if dumb and/or fictional deserves to be abandoned!

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I sent the email, thanks for responding! (BTW, wasn't there written somewhere that you can send them off into the world to adventure on their own?)

Not a question, just a statement. Great game, very fun. Buggy, but to be expected and it rarely ruins the enjoyment.

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I just have another question. Can you do anything with Slime Princess using the life stone? And what does "Breast Sense" mean when you look in the journal/diary things? (One last thing: Where is the brothel and how do I unlock it?)

The Life Stone has uses for Golem, Skeleton and Ghost Princess~

GREAT uses

For the brothel search for the wandering snake girl Qhala. She's not in all playthrough cos I like to make things hard on you guys.

So for the Brothel, do you just have to keep "interacting" with Qhala? (I have been). And what does "breast sense" mean in the diaries?

Give her at least 10k! Breast Sens. is a placeholder sexual  stat, but will likely be used in future.

As usual, thank you for responding


Will the bonuses from Patreon stay exclusive or are they going to be timed exclusives?


The cheats will likely sent around when the game is ready, but the art gallery and the monthly polls will likely remain Patreon exclusives!

So all the costumes/palette swaps will be in-game? Nothing in-game will be locked behind Patreon, correct?


No content will be locked behind anything, ever. I want everyone to play the same game in the end.


You know, this game is really enjoyable, I haven't found any games like this. Now I cant speak for others but to me it seems this game is one of the few games made in RPG maker that could be a full blown game. I'm not good at wording my praise but all I'm trying to say is, Keep up the good work, and I wish you the best of luck!

Thank you, it really means a lot. We'll keep trying our best!

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Minor question (if you don't mind)* I've been gathering the beach costumes and i noticed costumes for holstaur princess and Dragon princess III, are those two even recruitable? (I didn't even know there was a third dragon princess). My apologies for bothering! *edit just toppled the insect kingdom and found the molemen area, it ends at the big moleman and i cant seem to escape the room, am i missing something?

How does one impregnate a princess while they are still on the throne (meaning their reign hasn't fallen) (and also what are the uses of the life stone/gem thing)

P.S The one thing I love most about this game is that it's creator is so quick to respond 

First, you have to get into their rooms.
The timing for that is different for some of them, but generally you have to try entering their palace at night. At that point:

  • you may find the guard outside the palace asleep. You can proceed freely
  • you can put the guard to sleep with the Sleeping Powder
  • you can put the guard to sleep with Moth Princess
  • you can sneak past the guard with Slime Princess

Once you're in there's usually, but not always, a stealth section to reach her room.

In her room you can have a "good time" with her IF:

  • she likes you enough (at least 3 "hearts" in her page of the status screen)
  • you put her to sleep (bad knight!)

I just purchased your game, and I was wondering. How do you get alternate forms and such? I saw that they exist but do not know how to get them. Or is it a secret that you will never tell us about?

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There's a lot of costumes and forms~

Any girl in particular? I might be good and spoil 1 for you.

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For Slime Princess, I have Slime Jellies and the maid outfit. How do you get the alt forms and other costumes for her (if there are any other costumes)? In addition, how do you get her ending?

P.S. Would it be possible if you added the cheats list to the purchases for the people like me who buy it on here for $10?

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The other alt forms for Slime Princess are:

  • Prisoner dress
  • Ooze form -> Reach Drider Princess' hideout (in Golem Princess tower) with Slime Princess as the leading party member and have the vapor from the leaking tube hit her!
  • Expanded form
  • Pregnant form
  • Suu form -> You can obtain it (and several others) by bringing the red-haired merchant (Lina) the Panties she asks for!

Thanks so much! You are such a good creator for responding so quickly. 

P.S. Could you also spoil how to get Suu form?


Done, you little spoiled you.

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One last thing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), how do you get Slime Princesse's ending? In addition, would it be possible to add the cheats list for those who purchase the game here for $10?


Awesome! Also, I know you probably want the playerbase figuring things out, but you should really explain how to do things more such as the new way to get the Draconic Ruby


Believe it or not, I was discussing just yesterday about a way to give "hints" to the player, now that the game has a lot of secrets, hidden mechanics and events. An "Achievements" menu could do the trick, imo.

Thank you very much for the support!

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