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I'm not totally sure what's going on, but burning candies at the fire only adds a portion of the experience while still consuming the full amount.

I'm playing on 16.7 and I skipped the intro.


In 16.6 the experience gain was lowered to half I think. Changelog says "considerably slowed down" and I think I read somewhere like I said above to half the experience.

So I got stuck on the Island where Wyvern Princess is and had to use the panic button, now I have this Situation.

Any way to fix this?

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I know another way to get there without a fairy (except to loading the save file). But it may contain a spoiler. So... ?

Hint: do you have any female dragons in your squad?

Don't you get that ability after wyvern princess joins?

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No. You can have dragons without that.
In some hidden places around the world you can meet female dragons (not princess). Sometimes, you can bang them and they leave eggs.
You can also buy a dragon egg once during one of the other princess story line (during the festival...). 

Yeah I found a dragon egg in a playthrough but the ability to fly with her was unlocked only after wyvern princess joined, atleast that's how I remember it, could be wrong though.

Just try it. I haven't even visited the Wyvern in my current game session (v0.16.7) but my dragons can still fly.

For some odd reason when doing the cat princesses story line it skipped the part where she discovers you camping outside and went straight to the scene where you are waiting to hunt with her. i never even received the trophy quest.

To be clear i am playing the 0.16.7 version. Props for putting all of these updates out so fast by the way.

For some reason when I set the princesses to random mode, i'm unable to change their outfits. Is there a way to fix it?


Oops, to fix a minor thing I broke that.

Naked royalties will be back soon.

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For whatever reason I started getting an error message when I try to enter the Mouse Kingdom. Until just recently it worked fine, no idea why it starts crashing now.

Looks strange. Mind sending the save file to

Found the problem, it happens when there's one of the staple NPCs in the Clocktown. It's fixed now, I'd suggest you enter it only when the NPCs are gone, maybe after waiting a couple days.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but when I enter the cave I immediately fail the quest without having it prior on my quest list. This is my first time entering the cave and think Komachi is not even there.

If you wait too long even for the first time you visit she starves. I think it was set to 7 days without food before she starves, so if you found her after that time you have to wait for your next playtrough.

Oh okay thanks for the clarification! I did set my days to only 2 minutes long, so that's probably why I immediately fail the quest.

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With this day length, you'll be tired of feeding her all the time... but, it's up to you )
The first time I played with a 4 minutes day. And eventually I just left her to her fate, because her feeding took like half of my playing time... 

Serious? OMG, I was hoping to outsmart the game and not go to her since I started the new game.
Looks like I should hurry up and check on mine one...

But it seemed to me that she does not endure even 2 days without food. If it hasn't changed since v16.3.

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Strange in the changelog for 16.2 it's statted that it was fixed from 1 day to a week.

Hm... may be. I don't remember exactly. Maybe it really was at 16.2.
But I remember there were 1 or 2 days when I just started playing.

I think there are some bugs with some of the princess quests. For Golem Princess, after defeating Spider Princess, the webs fencing the throne room are still present, followed by dialogue from the knight. And for the Rabbit Princess quest, no matter what the cellar door remains locked. Any way to fix this?

Stuck on the Wyvern Princess' "On the wings of revenge" quest. The objective is to search the northern portside cities for clues but the only Northern areas with ports, that i can see, are the slime kingdom and the town on the east side of dragon II's island. Anyone know how to progress?

Today I got this error when hatching one of my eggs. There is one egg, and this error always appears when it hatches.

it's probably one of the rotten eggs from versions prior of v0.16.6. There's no saving it!

So I just bought a shiny rabbit slave but she is not in my party nor in the tavern. I read something about a "Box" in another comment but have no idea what that refers to.

Small suggestion.
When the Desert Reign is at war with its neighbors from above, the troops sometimes block the passage through the bridge at this point on the world map (look the screenshot). Perhaps it would be nice to move their spot a little so that they do not block the passage.
Of course, they can always be bypassed through the Skeletons Reign side, or fly over them with a dragon buddy in the squad, but still...

Or fight one of them :P

I've noticed that, but left it alone.

Yes, this is also an option, but reputation points... :.(
In any case, this is not such an important thing, so do as you see fit.

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I just couldn't resist checking it out with the Сrystal Princess... )
And it turned out exactly as I expected... ( ^,..,^)
(Anyway, I find it slightly strange that the Crystal Princess is treated like a progeny).

Some hints or clues for ghost princess quest Spodomantic would be massively appreciated.  I have her ashes and I got her in my team by the infiltration and Shorty special way.  However, now I'm stuck on what to do.  Thanks for any help on this.

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Any clues how I can get to the Gazer Prison? Or, at least, can I even get there in the current game build? Because I have a quest about this place in the tavern. But I searching for a hours, and still can't find it.

You have to take the boat with the black sails. It docks at various points on the coastline of the nothern realms, one spot I remember is right next to the tavern.

Oh! I see! Before that, I've tried a ship that goes along the route Slime -> Cats -> Frozen Island.
But this one, with the black sails, somehow, was always hidden from my eyes. Now I just sat down and waited outside the tavern for about 5 minutes and... it really came!

Is there any thoughts of this being exported to mobile devices? Just wondering.  

Can't be done on VX Ace, unfortunately.

I can't figure out where is wyvern cave is at any hints would be appreciative.

There is the island in the eastern part of the southern region. I know at least two ways to get there...

Is there any methode to reset Stat points? Because if not I see some serious issues with meeting dragon Princess II. But that knowledge is from way back, so if there's an alternativ way to meet her now I liked to know how.

There is, you should try heading South, around the witch's hut area.

Hmm... I'm having some trouble completing the quest "WHERE I EGGCEL".
The quest asks me to bring an egg to Dear. I have an egg. I come to Dear. But nothing happens... She reacts in the same way as usual, just sending me to the progeny menu.

Deleted post

Maybe you already have 5 Progeny outside the "Box". In that case they get sent directly into the "Box" itself!

yeap they were in the box thaanks for the help

There's one thing about hatching eggs. Sometimes it happens right during dialogues and cutscenes that in some way partially interrupts them. This does not cause serious consequences, as cutscenes and dialogues usually ends well. But still, it looks a kinda weird.

Howdy, here to report a really odd occurrence. I don't know how but one of the princesses gave birth to a different princess species. She was also due for two children, and ended up only having one. It's a real head scratcher that is for sure.

That used to happen with pregnancies being delivered in the Campsite in versions prior of v0.16.6

If it happened again, unless you're talking about eggs, but that doesn't seem the case, let me know!

Just had the following error pop up when viewing the kobold diary in camp

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Oh no... wait... You actually CAN use Cinder Ribbon... on empty Mouse Princess bed. 

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In the Mouse Castle. After the Princess Olivia escapes from the castle with the knight. If you come back at night to the room where sleeping the Princess and her sisters. There over the Princess bed will still pop-up bubbles with "Zzzz" and sign of the Cinder Ribbon. Though it is impossible to interact with this.

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Some observation of strange things that happen in the moth's cave:
I brought two larvae into the cave. There is Beebs and Fluffy.

Then I wait and see Beebs turn into a moth.
But when I look at the squad, I see that the one who actually turned into a moth is Fluffy (so Beebs still a larva).
Then I wait again. Now I see message that Fluffy is turn into a moth (even though it's already happened). Also, just as you can see at the screenshots below, The color of Fluffy's sprite is different from her actually color (the same goes for Beebs).
In the squad menu, the portrait colors are also different from the originals. But in the level up menu, they still match the originals.
There is, however, an easy way to fix this. If we have to take them both to the Dear nurse, then deposit and take them back in squad, their colors will come in the proper form (sprites too).

Oh, I can fix that no problem, thank you for the report!

The solution I've tested seems to be working, do you have a savefile with beebs and fluffy as larvae?

Yes. I sent it to
Please notify me if possible that you have received the mail so that I know the address is correct.

Yes, Ive got it.

Is there any way to bang a Progeny? Or can they only bang each other, at Rabbit's?  

Finally I found a hidden moth's cave. And then I rushed to turn all my caterpillars into real moths!
But about half or third the time in the process I get the error report and game crash.

Aside from this, one times that thing is happened:

Just had an issue with a script crashing: "Script sapphireaction system IV: line 338 rgsserror occurred , disposed bitmap

Hello! Where, exactly?

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It seems intermittent, like once was during the slime quest to clean the pond when using kobold wind sickle. The second time happened in the ruined kobold keep, demon fight MC normal attack.

So, since v0.16.6 all swirlies now give you just 0.5 experience points when burned?

Yes, pretty much. I'm just testing things though.

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But other than writing about all the weirdness and make bug reports that I come across while traveling around the game world, I want to say that the game is wonderful! The artstyle, soundtrack, atmosphere, game mechanics, stories (even if I'm a foreigner, so maybe don't understand correctly a third of what I read...)... - all is great!

From foreigner to foreigner: thank you for the compliments, we'll keep doing our best!

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Oh, what a surprise!
This will probably make me kinda less shy about my English )

I'm not sure if it was planned or not. Always when I walk into the pumpkin barn, I can't leave until I talk to the Scarecrow Princess on the top floor.

Errr... I found myself in another situation where you can get stuck...
In the battle vs the Pumpkin King, he is able to throw the knight back behind the pumpkin heads, where it is impossible to get out.
This is not a catastrophic situation as you can always load a save file, or just avoid that corner in the battle. But still...

excuse me, this is my first rodeo with PC games. I bought the game, and downloaded all of the stuff, but I have no idea how to run the game. Pls help.

It's very easy.

need help. rpg maker is not working for me and i cant play the game. how can i fix this or what do i do?

Hello, what's the error message you get wgen starting the game?

v0.16.6 is out!

Hello, can you help me please? I have only one Mouse P scene, and with patrons too. How can i fix this or unlock if i missed something? There are two more in diary

Towerfag, do you have any dedicated bug report thread/email/any place?

In the meanwhile I will just post here.  v0.16.5:

- Slime port. Dialog about going to Cat Reign. At some point it asks if I want to go to Slime Reign, instead of Cat's.
- Skeleton Reign was in fight with Human and Harvest. Skeleton Reign taken by Harvest. Dialog with ambassador. "Greet the 0 ambassador"
- Wyvern progeny. During dialog displays wrong sprite - Human. 
- NPCs are going through the inaccessible spots. 1. In Mouse Reign. Like pipes, walls or some random stuff. 2. Into water on the beach. 3. Into unreachable parts of Slime Pool.
- At nigh, with campfire icon flashing, if you go into some area, the campfire icon can stay up permanently. Sleeping resets it.
- Loading times are long ~10-15s of black screen. I don't know if game uses any caching, but maybe it should if loading takes too long.
- We need some way to skip/button mash through already seen dialogue without risking picking incorrect dialogue choice. Separate skip button would fix it. Ctrl by itself doesn't seem to work well. Must mash 'z' anyway.
- Moth Reign affinity mission. Kids sometimes "discover" you when turning towards you when you caught them.
- Komachi still died, even though it was less than one week. Apparently this was fixed in 0.16.2, but I still got this bug.

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Also. When I use the Mouse Diary, this is almost always accompanied by a strong FPS drop. And sometimes even causes the game to crash without any error report.
And not just a Mouse Diary. All diaries. But the Mouse Diary in particular (for my personal sense).

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